One Little Word 2015: STEWARDSHIP

Aaahhh!!  Only MARCH and I’m posting my first One Little Word video update for the year.  You can see my 2014 updates here, or on my YouTube channel. The Maya Angelou quote I mentioned is actually a Zora Neale Hurston quote (oops), and is from Their Eyes Were Watching God: “There are years that ask […]

One Little Word 2014 Wrap-Up: MARGIN

Well, now that it’s 2015, it’s time to wrap up my One Little Word project from 2014! Last year, I invited in the word MARGIN. (Or it invited itself. Whatever.) It was a long year of saying NO and learning that you have to nest before you can lay an egg. Which is not to […]

One Little Word Update for July/August

See more of my monthly updates from this year on my YouTube channel!

One Little Word Update: June

Here’s my monthly video update following this year’s progress with my One Little Word: Margin.  I don’t plan these videos, so this one’s especially stream-of-consciousness, so buckle up.

One Little Word Update for May

Uh….anyone notice I totally didn’t manage a One Little Word update for April?  Yeah.  When you word for the year is “margin,” it’s more than a little ironic when your schedule gets so far away from you that you literally cannot spare 15 minutes to sit down and talk to the camera about your month. […]

One Little Word Update for March

In which I laugh, cry, and make the bed.

One Little Word: February 2014

I don’t really know what happened with the sound here–all was going well, and then suddenly it wasn’t.  Maybe it’s the battery in my mic?  I thought about shooting the whole video over again, but I feel really strongly about making it as un-scripted as possible, and keeping my notes-to-self as the year progresses as […]

One Little Word: January Check-In

So, earlier this month, I chose a One Little Word for 2014.  I chose MARGIN, because that’s what I sense I need most this year, a chance to make some space in my days and in my heart to have a little extra room for the unexpected and the unplanned and the hoped for and […]

One Little Word Wall Hanging: Resources

In an effort to get off on the right foot with my 2014 One Little Word, I’m stitching up a wall hanging for myself.  I’m working on mine today as my husband and I fly off–just the two of us, no kids–for a quick weekend trip.  All those miles we’ve been saving up?  Using those […]

One Little Word: MARGIN

I love this idea of having a word for the coming year.  Ali Edwards has done it for the better part of a decade now, and I must have seen it a couple years back, going around the social media circles.  Memorably, in 2012, I chose a word for my coming year–something really tangible and […]