The Best Part About Quilt Market is the People (Part 3: New Discoveries)

In the midst of visiting friends and giggling like a little girl, I met some new folks who made me feel so excited and positive and inspired and ready to come home and get to work making a whole new line of sewn yumminess. Bari J isn’t a new discovery, but every time I meet […]

The Best Part About Quilt Market is the People (Part 2)

Picking up where I left off: Oliver + S, headed by the incomparable Liesl Gibson, is one of my long-standing favorites.  Both she and her husband Todd are the most lovely, real, down-to-earth human beings you can ever imagine meeting, and they seem to inspire fierce admiration and loyalty everywhere they go.  Doesn’t hurt a […]

The Best Part About Quilt Market is the People

I went to Salt Lake City this past weekend to attend Spring Quilt Market, a professional show for retailers and designers in the independent fabric industry.  It’s a little like prom and homecoming and finals week, all rolled into one.  Huge booths are erected, full of the newest products so that retailers and shop owners […]

Quilt Market: My Best Discovery

I saw so, so much to love at Quilt Market: fabulous new cotton prints, new patterns, new people.  It really was a great chance to connect with other folks in the industry, to share ideas, to get inspired.  I loved hanging out with Kim of True Up and meeting organic fabric designers Michelle from Cloud9 […]

Quilt Market Recovery

Y’all, Quilt Market was a blast.  This was only my second trip–I went in Spring 2009 in Pittsburgh, but that fall was our famous flood and this past spring our baby was two weeks old, so this trip to Houston was the soonest I was able to make it happen.  And SO MUCH has happened […]

Running Through My Mind

These are the thoughts I’ve had in the past 45 minutes: I wonder what I should wear to my Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market on Friday?  Do grey slacks say “office worker” or “chic and authoritative”? I wish someone had told me yogurt was fattening in large doses. My Heather Ross Studio Sale shipment still […]

Going to Market? Come by the Stitch by Stitch Schoolhouse!

I am nervous and excited and anxious and aflutter getting ready to do my first-ever Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market in just ONE WEEK!  If you’re planning to be in Houston, I would be so thrilled if you’d stop by and let me meet you and have you be part of the entire Schoolhouse experience.  […]

2009 Quilt Market, Pittsburgh: Part II (Mom Weighs In)

Guest posting today: my mom.  Quilt Market is a professional trade show, and as such, does not permit children on the floor of the convention center.  While part of me–the part that spends all day long working in the same room while my children are playing–thought that was a little harsh, another part thought it […]

2009 Quilt Market, Pittsburgh: Part I (A First-Timer’s Confessions)

By the night before we left for Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, I was wondering why I was even going.  I had plenty of work to do at home, it was sorta becoming a pain to make arrangements to be gone for four days, and I was exhausted.  But with tickets bought and my mother already […]

Quilt Market!

I’m back!  An exciting and BUSY four days at the 2009 International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.  Details in the morning, with wayyy more photos than you could possibly want to see.  Tune in Monday for the slide show!  Highlights include: Amy Butler is my new best friend Moda builds small villages everywhere they go Japanese […]