Solve Crime in the Ancient Pyramids in 2020!

When I dreamed up the Murder Mystery Quilt, I never imagined even for an instant all the places it would take me.  Around the world, it turns out. The short origin story of the Murder Mystery Quilt, when I tell it at cocktail parties to people who don’t sew and who think quilts are something […]

Quilt and Solve Crime in 2019!

Four years ago, I had a wild idea.  I didn’t really think anyone would go along with it, if I’m being honest: who on earth would think a MURDER mystery quilt was a fun idea? Not just me, it turns out. Mystery quilts have been around forever, of course.  The idea that you’re building a […]

Organic Acorns Quilt Finished!

I’ve decided to call this quilt Organic Acorns, after playing with some other ideas.  I really enjoyed sitting down with this half yard bundle and not thinking too much, just laying the fabric on the floor and using giant chunks and smaller chunks and seeing what happened.  If a piece was too short, I added […]

On a Whim? On a Lark? Quilt Top

I’m thinking about calling this quilt something like “On a Whim” or “On a Lark,” because it was a total surprise that I put together a quilt top today–not what I was planning on doing with my afternoon. I saw this fantastic acorn fabric months ago and ordered a half yard bundle near-instantly, what with […]

TARDIS Quilt, I Knew You Existed.

When I’m sewing, I often will hit my Netflix Instant account and re-watch programs I’ve seen and loved as I work.  I have exhausted most of those–I’ve gone through all the episodes of Monk three times, in order; all of Psych, also three times, also in order; I’ve watched most of Bones a second time; […]

An Embarassment of HSTs

I’ve got three separate HST projects going on at the moment.  Which either means I am a complete, obsessive nutcase or a wild-haired genius. Either way, lots of triangles over here. It mostly started with Ellen Baker’s Quilt Blocks, which just came in at the shop.  I wanted some yardage, but didn’t really know which […]

Domestic Bliss Quilt

My Domestic Bliss quilt top is finished!  And it has already been on vacation!  We headed up to the lake this weekend, following my appearance at the Festival of Alabama Fiber Arts in Montgomery, and spent the first few days of the kids’ Spring Break enjoying this shockingly unseasonable weather at the waterfront. This is […]

Apple Cores

Perfect Pants update: pink version made, loved, and worn to school today; retro jeans version muddied and in the laundry as we speak.  Photos soon! In the meantime, I’m working on a stack of quilt projects.  I’ve been sewing on the Bee bee rows I’ve gotten so far, plus making more blocks for the Your […]

Glue Batik Wall Hanging: Sewing with Kids

So, two things: first, I can’t find my back-up camera charger.  I bought it to replace my actual camera charger, which I had misplaced.  Eventually, the original charger showed back up, but then the spare went missing.  Then the spare showed up, but we packed to move.  So now, I have two chargers, but can’t […]


Have you found Quiltr yet?  Fantastic little time waster.  Import images of your own fabrics to create quilts digitally–either for enjoyment or to audition fabrics for your future projects. The whole thing is the brainchild of Dorie Schwarz, a quilter and web developer.  And I think it’s genius. Currently, she has a selection of traditional […]

WIP: Man Woobie

Thrifted: five men’s dress shirts in various muted shades. Assembled: a quick quilt top, from 11″ squares cut from the larger sections of the shirts. Quilted: with grey perle cotton. In progress: but honestly, not really loving it as much as I’d like.  Something’s not quite right.  There seems to be a very fine line […]

Palm Springs

I am here for the weekend. Two words: Tony Danza.

Tony Danza at the Victoria & Albert Museum

I have mentioned before my Tony Danza wall quilt.  It has been a work-in-progress for a little over two years now.  And by “work-in-progress,” obviously I mean I haven’t really started it but I sure do think about it a lot.  But I fly out in just two weeks (!!) for the Heather Ross sewing […]

The Hardest Sewing I Have Ever Had To Do

This is the block the Trust Circle of do.Good Stitches made for October.  It’s the Greek Cross design, using the tutorial over at Fresh Lemons.  And it was so, so hard for me to sew. I am the ninth member of my family to attend Florida State.  Our chief football rival?  The University of Florida.  […]

September do.Good Stitches Quilt

September was my month to be the quilter for the Trust Circle of do.Good Stitches, and this here’s the finished product.  I think it turned out rather well! I asked for Card Trick blocks in blues and greens, and was really excited about what everyone produced.  The sashing was tough, I won’t lie–I would have […]