Log Cabin Settings: Making Tough Choices

Along with my Your First (Modern) Quilt class here in Atlanta, I’ve been working on a log cabin quilt top that I’m pretty excited about.   Our first block out of the nine we’ll make this year was a basic log cabin, and as we were making them during the month of February, I was also […]

Animal Alphabet Quilt

At last!  This quilt for our boy is finally finished: I stayed up laaaate one night when my husband was out of town and finished the quilting on this project, the first I’ve made for my little boy.  This is the Chain Reaction pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew–my official recommendation for Best First Quilt Pattern. […]

Scrap Project Bucket #3: Ticker Tape

Bucket #3.  Or #4, depending on if you count the Heather Ross bucket.  So, number three or number four.  You decide. This one holds all the ittiest bittiest pieces, the ones that weren’t 9″ x 9″ (not scraps, folded and put away with the fat quarters) and weren’t between 8″ x 8″ and 4″ x […]

Scrap Project Bucket #2: Hexies and Yo-yos

Of the three larger fabric buckets, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite one.  This is an older Farbenmix print I got from the same stashbuster sale where I scored the Heather Ross squares–I tell myself I love it because I lived in Germany when I was small, but really, it’s just a stinkin’ cute […]

Scrap Project Bucket #1: Postage Stamp Quilt

I love these little fabric buckets.  They have, I know, been done a dozens times over, but somehow the revelation that they’d be a perfect way to organize my scrap projects was just the push I needed to finally put some together.  As befits buckets used to organize scrap projects, I wen through the largest […]

Infinite Variety

If you are in New York City, will you please, please, please drop what you’re doing and head DIRECTLY to the last day of this amazing installation? Short version of the story, if you haven’t heard it: Woman turns 80.  Husband asks what she wants for her birthday.  She says, “I want to give a […]


I’ve been doing a lot of sewing around here, but most of it is stuff I can’t show you–either for my current e-course (we’re up to the button-up collared shirt and they are cuuuute) or for semi-secret projects that aren’t quite ready to be shared.  So while my video uploads for my e-course lessons, I […]

Super Cute Boy Quilt Kit

Am very excited.  This box just arrived, and I can’t wait to dig in and make something lovely for our boy.  For his new room, in our new house, a room that will be painted a lovely shade of green and have walls covered with framed vintage travel postcards.  A room in a house we […]

Warm and Cool: Completed Quilt Tops

These are the samples for the “warm” and “cool” palette for Your First (Modern) Quilt, which starts at the shop tomorrow (just three spaces left!).  I was up veeeeery late last night and the night before, working to get them ready for our new quilters.  Totally worth it.  Really loving these sampler quilts!

The Queen's Quilt

When we were in Honolulu recently, we stopped off for a rainy-day tour of ‘Iolani Palace, the home of the last kings and queens of Hawai’i.  We’d driven past it countless times before, but it’s in such a funny place–right on one of the main drags through town–that we hadn’t really even noticed it.  I’ll […]

Cure For Wintry Weather (And A Sewing Buddy Update)

This one’s from the “warm” sample for the new Your First (Modern) Quilt series we’re doing.  Maybe I’m having a little more fun than strictly necessary.  Yummy bright colors for this wintry day! Sewing Buddy Update:  Speaking of wintry weather, we’ve got two sick babies over at our house.  When they’re not sleeping, they’re sniffling […]

A Dream Has Died

Last night, I taught an English Paper Piecing workshop, and was reminded how enamored I am of this technique.  It’s very Zen and meditative and repetitive in the most soothing way, but at the same time, it requires some basic geometry and logical thinking and planning ahead.  It’s slow sewing, the kind that lends itself […]

Having Said That…

I fully stand behind every word I wrote about using multitudes of fabrics from various collections when sewing, to really revel in the color and the chaos, but having said that, today I’ve been working with this: It’s the new Sherbet Pips line from Moda, due out in April.  I grabbed an advance bundle at […]

Just What IS a Fabric Collection?

When I first began designing children’s clothing years ago, I came at sewing as someone who has always made clothes.  Which seems a little obvious now that I write it out, but at the time it felt like a revelation.  It felt as though I had entered this whole new world, this foreign country that […]

Quilt Cemetery

My husband and I went out to eat recently with some Twitter and blog friends, one of whom is a noted ghost hunter. She mentioned wanting to visit her grandfather’s grave in West Virginia and do a rubbing of his headstone. I mentioned that I’d seen some photos on the Internets of a woman who […]