LAST CALL for a 2016 Sewing Buddy!

I am deep in the trenches of hand-matching our Sewing Buddies for 2016!!  If you haven’t signed up yet but would like to join us, TODAY is the very last day to do so–get in under the wire and find yourself a sewing pen pal for the year! If you ARE registered, please be certain […]

Sewing Buddy Project Now OPEN for 2016!

The Sewing Buddy Project is BACK!! Registration is open NOW through January 30, 2016.  All Buddy pair matches will be emailed out no later than February 1, 2016. The Sewing Buddy Project is a pen pal program.  People from all over the world register, and are matched with a personal pen pal who will communicate […]

Take the Surveys!

Yesterday, in my newsletter, I sent out two different surveys looking for feedback as I plan for 2016.

UPDATED: Last Day for Sewing Buddies 2015!

***Registration extended!!  I’ve had a special request from a dear friend who wants to spread the word about the Sewing Buddies!  I’m extending registration until April 1 at noon Eastern to allow folks to get all signed up and ready to go.  Matches will go out on the same schedule as previously announced.  If you […]

2015 Sewing Buddy Project: Sign-Ups OPEN!

Short version: The Sewing Buddies are BACK!!  Sign up here for 2015. Long(er) version:  I started the Sewing Buddy Project six (!!) years ago in response to a survey I conducted here on the blog that seemed to indicate that one of the biggest things that would help most of us get more of our […]

Sewing Buddy Challenge WINNERS, plus Challenge #2!

In 2012, there are over 100 pair of Sewing Buddies, and they have been going like gangbusters since the spring!  These folks are virtual pen pals, sharing their sewing skillz and inspiration with one another, sometimes learning and sometimes teaching, and seriously, making me so excited to see how just the simple act of sewing […]

The Sewing Buddy Project 2012: Challenge 1!

Hello, Sewing Buddies!  I have been typing my little fingers to the bone the past week or so matching up folks from near and far, playing yenta so that stitchers here and there (and sometimes way over there) can connect and share ideas and get inspired and maybe even find the encouragement to make those […]

Checking in with the Sewing Buddies

We’re back from our vacation (I promise to bore you with wayyyyy too many photos later this week), and settling into our new (rental) house.  The studio space is smaller than my last place (seen here, boxed up just before the move), but I think in a lot of ways it will work better for […]

Sewing Buddy Project: Round 2 for 2011! CLOSED

Alrighty, folks!  The Sewing Buddy Project is in full effect.  If you’re in the market for a Buddy, and are looking for someone to encourage you and support you in your sewing in 2011, today is your day!  Sewing Buddies are virtual pen pals who sew together–nothing more complicated than that.  This is a great […]

Y'all. Seriously. We Can Totally Do Better Than This.

You guys.  I checked in on the Spring Swap Flickr page I posted about not too long ago, and what I found is just sad.  Embarrassing, really.  Are y’all telling me you REALLY don’t have a bunch of bits and pieces sitting around that you’d like to swap??  Truly??  I mean, I know if I […]

Spring Swap: Calling All Sewing Buddies!

Every year, I have this startled revelation as soon as it turns March again: spring is coming!  I mean, obviously it comes every year (at least, so far), but it always seems like this delightful surprise to see blooms and buds.  And even though I know that the warm weather we’re wallowing in right this […]

Sewing Buddy Powers, Activate! And: Inspired to Sew Winner

Earlier this month, I sent out emails to over TWO HUNDRED Sewing Buddies. That’s 200, y’all.  I’m beyond tickled to see how many folks are jumping in with both feet, sharing ideas and getting motivated and buckling down to finally sew the stuff we’ve all been putting off sewing.  I’m already hearing back some seriously […]

Last Day to Sign Up for a Sewing Buddy! CLOSED

Today is the final day to sign up for a Sewing Buddy!  Registrations for 2011 end TONIGHT at midnight, and will re-open only ONCE this year (in eight weeks, for a few days).  Leave a comment on the original post and join the 200 folks already playing along!

Sewing Buddy Project 2011 Sign-Ups… CLOSED

It’s time!!  Today, we open up the list to add names to the Sewing Buddy Project for 2011.  I had SUCH fun hearing all the stories from last year and seeing what all you got up to with your buddies–it’s so cool to think about what two people can encourage one another to achieve in […]

Already Thinking About 2011: A Sewing Buddy Check-Up

Confession:  When I first developed the Sewing Buddy Project, I didn’t really think it would go very far.  I mean, it kinda seemed a little goofy: pen pals? for grown-ups? but with sewing?  I wasn’t really sure anyone would care to participate, and might’ve had a teeny little worry in the back of my head […]