Sewing Buddies Unite!

Hooray for sewing buddies!  This project is growing rapidly, and I have to say, I am delighted to see it!  The first round of Sewing Buddies have been matched with one another, and Round 2 are receiving their confirmation emails as we speak.  There’s still time to sign up and join us for 2010!  Leave […]

Sewing Goals 2010: Get Yourself a Sewing Buddy CLOSED

Updated:  Thanks so much for all the interest and the great turn-out for Sewing Buddies!  I’ve closed out sign-ups for 2010 and matched all the folks who have joined us.  We’ll re-open the Sewing Buddy Project at the New Year for those of you who’d like to join in! Alright, everyone.  As we await the […]

Sewing Goals 2010: Summer of the Teen

When I was designing children’s clothing, my initial goal was to create clothing for tweens that was clean, modern, and classic–no low-rise or trashy text. I got pretty side-tracked, simply because I happened on a market where the demand for clothing for smaller kids (babies through age 7) was much higher. As a result, middle […]

On Organized Pack-Ratting

Over the weekend, I tackled The Laundry.  It needs those capital letters, y’all: it had practically become another family member, and was threatening to drown us all.  I was washing and drying and moving things through that laundry room with such focus that I wasn’t folding as I went (and I know for sure I’m […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Unusual Spaces

Also titled: ideas I wish I’d had. I’m so pleased that so many of you have been inspired by this series of posts!  It has made me both more motivated to create a beautiful studio just for me (as opposed to the in-home fabric shop I’d originally designed the space for back when Whipstitch was […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Small Spaces

Smaller spaces are more likely for most of us, and even beyond that, SHARED spaces are most common.  Combining functions within one room makes it possible to use space more effectively, but to still keep your sewing machine and tools out where you’re most likely to use them.  The tedium of taking out and putting […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Large Rooms

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to sewing and crafts.  In fact, judging by the responses to the survey, the vast majority of us–me included!–utilize space that is multipurpose or just plain small.  But when we see someone with great taste, fabulous vision, and lots of space really […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Designer Studios

This weekend, I decided it was nigh upon time to finally re-organize my studio, now that the bolts of fabric all live at the new shop.  I figured, an hour or two, no worries!  Right?  Right. It took most of Saturday.  And it still needs work.  In my defense, a large part of that is […]

Sewing Goals 2010, Feeling the Sewing Glee

On Wednesday, I took our teen to see the premiere of the new season of Glee at a charity event to benefit Grammy in the Schools.  It was shown at an old theatre in town, with live performances and free treats ahead of time.  Seemed like a great chance to go out, get to know […]

2010 Sewing Goals–Let's Get Started!

It’s TIME!  After many, many hours, I’m happy to report that the data are in and we’re READY to begin!  Now that March is here, let’s start taking these goals seriously and get where we want to go, shall we? Here’s what I learned from our responses to the Survey: 30% of us are fairly […]

Survey–There's Still Time!

I’m still actively collecting your responses to our 2010 Sewing Goals Survey!  I’ll be looking over your answers to determine the categories in which we’d all like to set some goals, and then working out a system by which we can track those goals to completion this year.  Survey will be up and available through […]

Survey: Setting Our 2010 Sewing Goals!

Remember the 2010 Sewing Goal Setting a bunch of you signed up for?  It’s time (now that the health of the blog has been restored and the new design is well underway) to really tackle that task.  January is nearly behind us, we’ve adjusted to writing “2010” on our checks (or nearly), and there’s a […]