Winter Sewing Retreat

I am BACK from the Whipstitch winter sewing retreat, and have virtually NO photos to show for it.  I was far too busy flapping my gums with these fine ladies to possibly have picked up my camera and taken any photographs.  What an amazing bunch of really cool women–all of them funny, and whip smart, […]

Whipstitch Sewing Retreat at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn

I am here this weekend.  The camellias won’t be in bloom, but the Innis lovely any time of year–and sixteen friends sewing into the wee hours of the night can never be bad.  We’ll be living the dream, yo!

I Feel *SO* Refreshed: Sewing Retreat Recap

You know how sometimes, your life is so crazy that you don’t realize how desperately you need a break until one is all but forced on you, giving you the unexpected opportunity to see things from another angle, and changing your viewpoint irrevocably?  Exactly. The gorgeous north Georgia mountains, in the height of fall color.  […]

Autumn Sewing Retreat: One Spot Left!

We’re heading out on Friday for our annual sewing retreat in the North Georgia mountains, and I gotta say: after the crazy of these past few weeks, I AM READY.  We’re staying at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn, which is amazing and welcoming and historic and luxurious and fantastically perfect for this trip.  How’s about some […]

Fall Sewing Retreat

We’re coming up on just a WEEK until the Whipstitch Autumn Sewing Retreat in the North Georgia mountains, and I am SUPER excited. We’re busy little bess over here, packing up orders from our flood sale and preparing to relist the fabrics we have left and list some that didn’t make the first round. If […]

Autumn Sewing Retreat Registration Available Online!

Wow, y’all. I am so excited at the fantastic response we’ve been getting for our Autumn Sewing Retreat. The registration form is now available in PDF format for download. Please grab and print and as always, ask questions if necessary! We’ve got 14 spots at the Inn total. As of Aug 1, we have seven […]