Organizing My Fat Quarter Stash

As I was working on my first house for my Advent calendar yesterday, I dug through my fabrics to find just the right ones.  My children–blessed little angels–had made a disastrous mess of them in the closet where they’re usually stored (the fabrics, not the children, though some days: don’t tempt me).  I made a […]

Organizing Your Fabric Stash: By Size (with a sidebar discussion of the fat quarter)

When I was out buying fabric for years and years and years, I would find something I liked and not knowing what I was planning to do with it, simply grab as much as I could get; “Gimme the whole bolt” was not uncommon.  That left me with plenty of ungainly piles and boxes of […]

Organizing Your Fabric Stash: By Fabric Type

If you primarily quilt or craft, odds are that your fabric collection is overwhelmingly composed of cottons.  That might be the case if you mostly sew clothing, too, but apparel sewers tend to accumulate other fabric types, as well, and knowing how to deal with the various textures and weaves and weights can get tricky.  […]

Organizing Your Fabric Stash: By Color

Fabric is, by its very nature, addictive: from the moment we enter the world, we experience texture and touch, and are surrounded by woven and knit fibers of various scales and softness.  I suspect that even folks who don’t sew (I’m assuming there are such people, although I myself do not associate with such) are […]

On Organized Pack-Ratting

Over the weekend, I tackled The Laundry.  It needs those capital letters, y’all: it had practically become another family member, and was threatening to drown us all.  I was washing and drying and moving things through that laundry room with such focus that I wasn’t folding as I went (and I know for sure I’m […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Unusual Spaces

Also titled: ideas I wish I’d had. I’m so pleased that so many of you have been inspired by this series of posts!  It has made me both more motivated to create a beautiful studio just for me (as opposed to the in-home fabric shop I’d originally designed the space for back when Whipstitch was […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Small Spaces

Smaller spaces are more likely for most of us, and even beyond that, SHARED spaces are most common.  Combining functions within one room makes it possible to use space more effectively, but to still keep your sewing machine and tools out where you’re most likely to use them.  The tedium of taking out and putting […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Large Rooms

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to sewing and crafts.  In fact, judging by the responses to the survey, the vast majority of us–me included!–utilize space that is multipurpose or just plain small.  But when we see someone with great taste, fabulous vision, and lots of space really […]

Organizing Your Sewing Space: Designer Studios

This weekend, I decided it was nigh upon time to finally re-organize my studio, now that the bolts of fabric all live at the new shop.  I figured, an hour or two, no worries!  Right?  Right. It took most of Saturday.  And it still needs work.  In my defense, a large part of that is […]