Bundles on Parade

I had an epiphany the other day, while I was on the phone with a friend.  I was talking through a recent bout with icky anxiety–the kind that makes you unreasonable when friends give you advice, and makes you want to shove your head in the sand and pretend there isn’t any work to do […]

Stitch Identification, or What Does This One Do?

When I was writing Stitch by Stitch, I really wanted to focus on the struggles I see the most in folks who come through our classes.  No matter what the sewing background–someone who took Home Ec so long ago they feel like they’ve forgotten most of it; someone who learned from her mom and wasn’t […]

Quick and Easy A-Line Skirt

Yesterday, I mentioned how great I think Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch is.  Her text is readable, her tone is friendly, her directions are clear and concise, and the images in the book are wonderfully inspiring.  Nine weeks after adding Baby #4 to our family, I am finding that many of my summer clothes still […]

Sewing Goals 2010: Summer of the Teen

When I was designing children’s clothing, my initial goal was to create clothing for tweens that was clean, modern, and classic–no low-rise or trashy text. I got pretty side-tracked, simply because I happened on a market where the demand for clothing for smaller kids (babies through age 7) was much higher. As a result, middle […]

Making Time To Sew: Doing It Bit-By-Bit

Part of my goal while on maternity leave from the shop has been to work on small projects, things with a limited scope that could be completed in a single sitting or only a few.  The pillow case I embroidered took all of two hours (well, once I figured out how to actually do the […]

Welcome, 2010! I've set some goals.

I’ve spent most of my first day of this year planning and emailing and making lists and basically preparing to meet the New Year in some form of order.  It’s made me think of all the plans I’ve made in the past, and how my tendency is to dream up really great stuff to sew, […]

Made By Rae Spring Top Sew-A-Long

Over at Made by Rae, it’s time for a yummy spring top sew-a-longto get us all motivated to make some spring tops for the warmer weather we know is on its way! I know I have some patterns that have been sitting for a shameful amount of time, waiting to get stitched.  Must go dig […]

March classes

Whipstitch is my baby. In a lot of ways. Not just the shop, but this blog and all the things growing out of it and planned for it, its whole future. I’ve been designing children’s clothing for a while now, and I feel so creatively challenged and fulfilled by doing it. It really stretches parts […]

Why Bother to Sew??

Great compendium of sewists’ answers to that question over on the blog of Oliver + S pattern designer Liesl. Why do YOU sew?? Happy stitching, everyone!

Charm Pack Projects Series: Introduction

I’ve just discovered charm packs, and to be honest, when I first saw them I thought they had NO value–maybe to a quilter, but not to anyone else. I may have said something along the lines of, “What a stupid idea–who needs 36 different pieces of itty bitty fabric??”  Boy, was I wrong! These puppies […]

Tutorial: Rolled Hem Presser Foot

One of my favorite finds recently has been this: My rolled hem presser foot. This bad boy is designed to put a perfect teeny tiny hem in the edge of your fabric, right at the machine–no more pressing, then turning and pressing again, just feed it through and press & stitch all at once! Miraculous, […]

Let’s just call it Swatch Thursday

Since I missed Wednesday again. Wow. This one’s another Michael Miller cotton print. Frogs, eating flies and spiders. I originally thought, What a cute fabric for boys! But now I love it for boys, girls, mommies, pillows, everything. My 13-year-old girl wants a shirt out of it, even. Loooove it. Another one coming SOON to […]

Handmade For ALL!

Check out the Handmade Pledge site for inspiration and to sign the Handmade Pledge. It’s a consortium of creators and crafters who are dedicated to making their own and buying from others who do the same! Great inspiration as you begin to create your own vision. Whipstitch’s sister company, Pretty Jane, has been doing handmade […]

Vintage Patterns Delivered to Your Door!

Here’s a website I LOVE: Mom’s Patterns. They stock some AMAZING vintage sewing patterns that are hard to get, and have spectacular customer service. Once Whipstitch is up-and-running, we’ll be offering new, independent, and vintage patterns in-store, but consider Mom’s a great outlet for late-night shopping and locating that have-to-have-it style! Use this month’s coupon […]