Ikat Bark Cloth Fitted Slip Cover

Another slip cover! This one was for the rounded-arm chair my mother gave us for the living room. Before: During (with the slip cover my mother made for it, before it came to live at our house): And after: This another project I did with my Sewing for Your Home e-course students, working on making […]

Bar Stool Slip Cover

After hours of grueling research, I have chosen a fabric and made the first of three slip covers for the bar stools that sit between the kitchen and the den!  I shared this project with my Sewing for Your Home e-course this week, and am tickled pink at the way it turned out. I had […]

Sewing for Your Home E-Course Now Registering!

Hooray!!  It’s time to get ready for the Sewing for Your Home e-course!!  I am super excited about this class–not least of which because it has given me an excuse to sew a whole bundle of lovely things for my new home. This has been one of the most-requested topics from my students, and I […]

House Update

The short version is: we’re still super stalled on the kitchen.  The butcher block bar has yet to be installed, and while I’ve pretty much chosen a backsplash, it’s crazy expensive and I can’t seem to pull the trigger.  I am pretty proud to say that I’ve installed one whole drawer handle–the other ten are […]

Simple Slip Cover Tutorial

Thanks for all the nice words about the covered bench! I feel quite certain that it is THE KEY to selling this house.  Will keep you posted on its magical qualities. A few of you commented or emailed to say that you’d love to have some specifics, so I whipped up some quick sketches of […]

The Dog Made Me Do It

Once again, we’re putting our house on the market.  I’d say it’s because we’re gluttons for punishment, but really it’s because the baby sleeps in the closet, and I just can’t face her first birthday with her snoozing under the suit coats. At the foot of our bed, we have an Ikea bench.  It’s covered […]