Stitch by Stitch is Back in Stock!

For the last couple of weeks, copies of Stitch by Stitch have been a little hard to find.  Turns out, the book has sold through its first print run and had to be reprinted!  Which is pretty cool.  Lucky for all of us (me included, who didn’t even own a copy for myself until my […]

Going to Market? Come by the Stitch by Stitch Schoolhouse!

I am nervous and excited and anxious and aflutter getting ready to do my first-ever Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market in just ONE WEEK!  If you’re planning to be in Houston, I would be so thrilled if you’d stop by and let me meet you and have you be part of the entire Schoolhouse experience.  […]

Time for a Change of Season

Image from Martha Stewart via glamourousgirlfriendsguide. As if this could ever be my closet–puhleeze. At last–at long, long last–the weather has turned.  I’m hoping this time it sticks.  As in, no more sticky.  Cool breezes and a hint of wood smoke in the air.  Cooler temps and warmer clothes.  This was the weekend when I […]

A Visit Home

My mom is an amazing human being.  I would not have started my children’s clothing company had it not been for the fact that she designed children’s wear herself, from our basement, for nearly 15 years–giving me the vision that it was possible to combine work and family seamlessly.  She has been my biggest advocate […]

Stitch by Stitch Book Signing TONIGHT at Whipstitch!

Tonight, kicking off our Sew-A-Thon, I’ll be at Whipstitch signing copies of Stitch by Stitch just for you!  Bring your own or get one in the shop. See you soon! Stitch by Stitch book signing: Sept 24, 2010 from 7-9 pm at Whipstitch, 1000 Marietta St Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30318

Stitch By Stitch Blog Tour!

First, let me start off by telling each and every one of you THANK YOU for the amazingly warm reception my book has received.  I can’t even put into words how grateful or overwhelmed I am by all the kindness and compliments I’ve read over the past few weeks!  You guys are all amazing, and […]

Stitch by Stitch Book Signing MOVED

I just learned what ZOMG means.  It’s like “OMG,” but you’re so excited that you missed a key and typed it wrong.  And I have just had a ZOMG moment, y’all. I went to order more copies of Stitch by Stitch for the shop from our distributor for the book signing scheduled for Friday night.  […]

Stitch by Stitch is Officially Here!

For those of you following along on Twitter, this is not breaking news, but: my publisher has shipped out the book early, and it’s officially available for purchase!  Woot!  I found out sort of by accident–I went to send the Amazon link and noticed that their website had updated to “In Stock.”  I swear, my […]

FedEx & Various Minutiae

What’s that sound?  The doorbell ringing? Oh, my!  A whole mess of boxes from FedEx!  Whatever could be in them?  <Gasp.>  That’s….the title of my book.  Could it be???  It IS!  My book has shipped from the warehouse!  I feel just like George McFly: “Oh, honey, your first novel!”  Jubilee!  If it’s here to me, […]

Stitch by Stitch Book Trailer!

My publisher asked me if I would put together a mini-movie trailer for my new book, which will be out in a month (eek!).  It was SUPER fun, way more fun than I anticipated.  Our oldest helped me film and edit it (and had some very strong opinions about what looked best), and we got […]

Consider it a PRE Sneak Preview

I wasn’t expecting it for another month.  But then I got home and there was a FedEx package on the table for me, and it was here, in the flesh, real and solid and fully realized:  my book!!  I am a little overwhelmed, but super, super excited.  I’m not allowed to show it off too […]

Super Big Announcement

In the midst of all the craziness and excitement leading up to the opening of the Whipstitch shop in the next few days (eek!), I am a little overwhelmed to share another, exciting announcement: I’ve written a book, which is being published by F + W and is due to be released late this summer! […]