Planning My Sewing

I love the planning part of sewing.  Love, love, love it.  Choosing the pattern, seeking out the perfect fabric–or finding a fabric, and tracking down the perfect pattern–is the STUFF.  I always have eyes bigger than my stomach, and tend to make piles and PILES of folded, prewashed fabrics stacked with the pattern I’d like […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Round Up of Sewing Machine Covers

If you’re going to take the time to clean your sewing machine and serger on a regular basis, it would be foolish to leave it exposed to the elements.  The dust and pollen and..other stuff…floating around in the air pretty much guarantee that any machine that doesn’t have a little jacket to wear will end […]

Valentine Gifts for Dudes

One week remaining until Valentine’s Day.  And even if making a big deal out of the day isn’t your thing, it’s nice to observe it in some way, yes?  We’re going away for the weekend to a couples’ retreat in the mountains, which we’ve never done before–and if I were a planning woman (which I […]

Quick & Simple Reversible Quilted Placemat Tutorial

Today was the first full day of school for the three oldest children.  Yippee!!  Getting ready for the first day, especially for preschoolers, involves packing spare clothing, nap time bedding, and in our case, placemats and napkins for lunchtime.  So the other night, I stayed up late making some cute little boy placemats for our […]

Buttonholes are NOT hard: a headband project

Super special thanks to Shannon of luvinthemommyhood for hosting today’s stop on the Stitch by Stitch blog tour!  I love Shannon’s outlook and bubbly voice in her blog, and am so grateful she was willing to let me move in at her place for the day.  We’ve been chatting back-and-forth by email about sewing and […]

Dana's Greatest Hits: MADE at the Shop this Weekend!

Right about now, I’m heading to the airport to pick up the fabulous Dana and bring her on back to the shop for her weekend visit to Atlanta and all the events we’re hosting with her at Whipstitch!  Can you tell I’m excited?  As our inaugural guest speaker and instructor, she’s so fantastic and I’m […]

Instructions for Sewing: Doorway Puppet Playhouse

Our oldest is nearly fifteen, and when she was around six, she really, really loved puppets.  Browsing through the Lillian Vernon catalog one day (hey, it was the late 90s, OK?), I had seen a doorway puppet theatre that looked adorable–for $65.  Really?  For a couple tension rods and some poor-quality velveteen?  $65? So I […]

Tutorial Round-Up: Crib Sheets PLUS Toddler Top Sheet Tutorial

(Attention Atlanta locals!!  Mark your calendars: Dana of MADE will be in Atlanta June 11 & 12 for a blogger talk, a FREE demonstration, and a limited-seating Mystery Workshop, all hosted at Whipstitch!  Her blog is amazing, gorgeous, and very widely-read.  Her tutorials–like the one featured below–are always so well-written and easy to follow, and […]

Featured this Week on CleverNesting!

This week, we at Whipstitch are proud to sponsor, a delightful site dedicated to locating yummy crafty goodness for you and your home. Check out their truly clever Paper Poppies tutorial (pictured above) and one of my favorites, the Recycled archives, for super cool tips for reusing what you already have! Check back with […]

What I MUST make next

Amazing, amazing girls’ dresses from Katie Did.  So, so gorgeous.  Get thee to her blog.  Admire, comment, and return. I mean, that top one??  So simple, such clean lines!  And the second one?  With the teeny button placket and the horizontal bands?  Come ON!  Freakin’ genius, they are. Wow, I have SO much to do, […]

Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt. 2: Variations on a Theme

Wow, who knew the world was so hungry for a soft toy block tutorial??  Thanks, y’all, for the link love and the comments and emails!  They’re fun to make, and great to give–I had some girlfriends and their babies over on Monday and showed them the samples I showed you, and thought they were going […]