WIP: Man Woobie

Thrifted: five men’s dress shirts in various muted shades. Assembled: a quick quilt top, from 11″ squares cut from the larger sections of the shirts. Quilted: with grey perle cotton. In progress: but honestly, not really loving it as much as I’d like.  Something’s not quite right.  There seems to be a very fine line […]

Thrift Store Shopping–Cousin to Stitching?

I’ve always been a thrift store shopper.  I think I mentioned before (although I can’t find the post right now) that my mother used to take me and my sister to the local Thrift World and give a cash prize to whichever of us found the “best” deal of the day.  I distinctly remember winning […]

Wardrobe Refashion

I teach a series of classes called Wardrobe Recycle, inspired by the numbers of people (mostly women) who are part of the truly, truly fabulous Wardrobe Refashion. I’m currently working on a version of this class taught online, in addition to the format we offer in person. It’s such a great wway to re-envision your […]