Taking Back Seamstress

Last January, I had a conversation about the word “seamstress.”  I was lucky enough to be in Palm Springs at the Heather Ross Workshop, and even luckier to be hanging out one evening after the excitement was dying down with Gretchen and a whole host of other seriously cool ladies.  And as we’re all talking, […]

Why I Sew

About a year ago, I was having a conversation on the phone with a friend of mine, and noticing that I wasn’t feeling as anxious as I usually did.  For months up until that day, I had been battling a low-lying but constant nagging sense of worry, of something left undone, unattended-to, like a pot […]

Guest Post: Debunking Five Sewing Myths

Tiffany of Simply Modern Mom invited me over to do a guest post as part of her Sewing 101 week on her blog. See what I came up with, and link to my recent bedside reading: I’ve taken on these erroneous beliefs: Sewing is super hard and requires long training Sewing has to be perfect […]

Making Time to Sew: Small Sewing Projects

I think to a certain degree, I was really surprised when the survey results came back for our 2010 Sewing Goals and I learned how many folks struggle just to find time to sew.  I think I assumed much of that was built around the sewing space issue: if you don’t have a dedicated sewing […]