The Bullet Version

  • We have super spotty internet right now, since we don’t have ANY internet right now, and I’m making do with a shifty hot spot. So this may or may not end abruptly.
  • I am going stream-of-consciousness right here, so hang on.
  • Man, am I tired.
  • We’re moved in!!  Woot!!  We bought the house, moved into it, and are nearly done with the kitchen renovation.  I don’t usually think of it as a renovation, since that sounds so BIG.  I usually refer to it as “having some work done.”  But that sounds like a medical procedure.
  • Moving was in the rain, and it was muddy but not too cold.  That makes three moves in a row where it rained on our moving day, if anyone is keeping count.
  • The kitchen is going to be amazing.  A.MAY.ZING.  I am really excited.
  • For Christmas, my husband wrapped a house key in newspaper and put it under the tree for me.  Love that man.
  • My five-year-old is currently watching “White Christmas” for the twelfth time in a week.  She also dearly loves “Singing in the Rain.”  That kid is awesome.
  • I have yet to set up my sewing studio at all.  I know.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Partly, it’s because we found some poisonous spiders in the basement, and I got a little scared.  So we sprayed, and I’m sure all will be well.  But I got spooked.  Also, it’s because I realized that as inconvenient as it was to have my studio in the dining room the past six months, it was actually pretty easy to get work done, because I didn’t have to go anywhere.  I was already there.  Weird.
  • I’m heading to the Heather Ross retreat in Palm Springs next month, and then the Whipstitch retreat in the north Georgia mountains the month after that.  I’d best get started cutting the pieces for my Tony Danza wall quilt if I expect to take it with me!
  • I have four days to complete the sidebars and inset text for my new book, before my editor really goes to town on it and we’re one step closer to having it published.  The patterns are done and nearly ready to go out to pattern testers, and I have made some really lovely things to be photographed, if I do say so myself.  I am looking forward to resting on this book’s laurels for a minute, though, because it’s a doozy.
  • There are still some boxes to unpack, but the folks who moved us also unpacked a bunch of them, which is awesome.  They didn’t organize anything, but they took it out of boxes so at least we know what it is.  We don’t have a pantry–we call the dining room “pantry” for now–but we will.  And if I ever get around to actually painting the cabinet doors, maybe we’ll be able to put away our dishes, too.
  • I think I have napped more in the last three days than I have in the past year.  It’s awesome.
  • We have no real plans for New Year’s Eve.  My husband mentioned something about dinner out?  I hope it’s romantic.
  • Oh, and last minute reminder, since it really did just pop into my head: 2012 e-courses are still discounted to just $99 each if you register before December 31!  Button is here.
  • I’ll let you know if I think of something else to ramble about.  Over and out.


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