Velveteen Rabbits, or: Anna Maria May Have Given Me Scarlet Fever

What a beautiful day for a walk in the wide, wide world!

Let’s see if we can find a friend, shall we?

Say, who’s that over there?

Oh, hai!  Wanna come play with us?

Hello!  So very nice to meet you.

You know, I wasn’t sure I’d meet any other rabbits out here, certainly not ones made of velveteen, as I am.  You see, my owner recently suffered from scarlet fever.

OK, so, good meeting you! We’ll see you ’round and stuff!  Bye-bye, now!

Bummer.  And just when we thought we’d met a nice bunny.

Dude.  What’s with your ear always being in my face?

Project details:  Bunny pattern loosely adapted from The Big Book of Soft Toys by Mabs Tyler.  Fabrics are Anna Maria Horner’s velveteens from the Innocent Crush collection. Each bunny required approximately a fat eighth of fabric.  Stuffed within an inch of their lives with poly fiberfil.  Quick project that leads to a lifetime of giggles!  Bunnies will be on display at Whipstitch Atlanta starting tomorrow–come see them!

14 Comments on “Velveteen Rabbits, or: Anna Maria May Have Given Me Scarlet Fever

  1. OMGEEE those are soooo cute! what a gorgeous idea! i was just sitting there thinking to myself this morning, “i bet those velvets by AMH are beautiful, but what ever would i do with them?” 😉

    • starjumper–And it hardly takes any fabric! The velveteen is SO soft and wonderful to play with, too. Am thinking I need to do a jacket of some kind next, maybe a pea coat?

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  3. Adorable, though I think the yellow bunny has the Watership Down crazy bunny eye.

    • Jennifer O–I totally see that now! When I laid out the pattern pieces, I didn’t see that the design would fall right there–it’s like some kind of creepy bull’s eye, isn’t it?

  4. Holy crap that’s awesome!! Where do you find the time??!

    • Thanks, dog! Our babies are very nice and let me play. At least, sometimes they do. I might not like them quite as much after this weekend… Ha!

  5. Uh oh – you have two rabbits – you know what that means? You’re gonna show up at work one day and there will be RABBITS EVERYWHERE! Keep them separated.

  6. OMG Bunnies!

    The “Crush” collection is indeed totes awesome. I met Anna Maria at Quilt Market in Houston last month, btw, and she’s real nice.

    Thanks for the great blog, lady!

    • I sent Anna Maria the link to the post based on your comment–I love, love these bunnies and can’t wait to make a garment for myself out of this velveteen!

      Thanks for reading!