Whipstitch Lounge at Beehive GRAND OPENING WEEKEND!

Join us this weekend for all the fun events, demonstrations, and giveaways. Looking forward to seeing you there!

FYI, parking is FREE for the first hour in the lot behind the shop, off Palisades Rd.

2 Comments on “Whipstitch Lounge at Beehive GRAND OPENING WEEKEND!

  1. Oh, I SOOOOOOO wish I could be there!!!!! Good luck with everything!!!

  2. Congrats!!!! Good luck with everything!
    I'm sorry I haven't emailed you back yet. I'd say that I'm "busy"…but we all know that you're one of the busiest ladies I know. So uh, let's go with: my machine has officially been in the shop for a tune-up. I'll get back to you soon!

    Congrats again. love it!