Tutorial: Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up

Took a little longer than I anticipated, but it turned out super cute!  I’m delighted to share with you:  The Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up, just in time for Valentine’s Crafting! This tweedy little wrap has space for multiple laptop/phone/digital music accessories and cords, and bundles up nice and tidy to fit in a corner of a suitcase for travel.  Plus, it’s masculine enough to make husbands want to use it, but sweet enough to look good no matter what.  Woot! I made my version from a pair of thrifted suit pants, but you could make it from a couple of fat quarters with no trouble (which means that if you like it enough, you can make a girly version for your lady friend, too). Easy peasy steps and sewing! You’ll need: a piece of wool tweed measuring approximately 18″ x 22″ (or a fat quarter of fabric) a cotton fabric for lining, same dimensions thread one 1/2″ button (I harvested mine from the same suit pants I cannibalized for the tweed) (optional) piece of cotton batting measuring 18″ x 22″ Prep your fabric Because I harvested my fabric from a pair of pants, I had to begin by prepping … Continue reading Tutorial: Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up