A-Line Skirt Giveaway from my Craftsy Class!

craftsy whipstitch aline skirt giveaway

When I was sewing for my Craftsy class, Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt, I might have gotten a little carried away–I was enjoying the patternmaking so much, and refining the lessons before shooting the video that I got this idea into my head that I should make as many variations as possible.  At one point, one of my editors over at Craftsy remarked, “You’ve made so many samples!  Thank you!”  I think I was surprised that I could have made fewer, since I felt really compelled to make LOTS of samples.  That’s probably because I remember what my mom told me back when she was designing children’s clothing in the early 90s: People don’t know what they want; you have to tell them what they want.

At the time, that sounded super cynical, like it was a judgment of people and a ploy that marketers use.  But I don’t see it that way.  In fact, I think it’s a very generous portrayal of how we all get inspired: for many of us, until we see what it is we love or feel passionately about, we don’t even know that we want it, or have any idea in our heads that this could be something worth aspiring to.  But once we see it…well, it can be very hard to shake that idea out of our brains.  So as I was planning the lessons on making the a-line skirt pattern for my class, I really wanted to devote some energy to sewing as many variations as I could, to inspire students and spark their own creativity, give them some ideas for where these lessons could go and how they could adapt them to their own tastes and needs!  At the end of the course, there’s a bonus lesson where you see all the skirts, and having that many options from which to choose and ways that the pattern could be adjusted to make seemingly-endless variations was so fun that I can’t even express it in words.  (And that’s saying something, for me.)

herringbone skirt 1

Problem is, I made 16 sample skirts, and I can’t possibly make good use of 16 a-line skirts.  Not when I already have a closet full of yoked skirts from Stitch by Stitch.  I decided, rather than doing a blog tour, I wanted to offer up some of these samples to loving homes where they’ll be worn and cared for!  That’s right: over the rest of this week, I’m giving away two skirts a day, for a total of EIGHT skirts by Friday.  I hope you love them–and if you don’t win one in the random drawing, you can always draft your own pattern and make your own skirt through Craftsy!


For starters today, one yoked skirt and one with a bias-tape waistband.

I adore this herringbone fabric, and as soon as it came out, jumped on a yard of it for this skirt.  The colors are delicious and the Tula Pink yoke works with it perfectly!

herringbone skirt 2

This one has a lined yoke, and all the skirts have an invisible zipper.  At the upper waistline edge, the skirt measures 35″ and is designed to be worn below the waist.

herringbone skirt 3

This second skirt, made from the same original pattern but with tweaks, is sweet and simple and goes with just about anything.  I love the green and the cuckoo clock pathway print from the Hideaway collection.

hideaway skirt 4

This skirt has a bias tape waistband, the basic technique taught in the Craftsy class–and one that I use in all kinds of situations to finish off edges and make for a clean presentation.  It’s really magical stuff, bias tape.  Another invisible zipper here, which I love.  Looks SO clean and polished from the outside!

hideaway skirt 2

The upper waistline edge of this skirt, which is also designed to be worn below the waist, is 34″.  That equates to roughly an 8/10 or so, depending on whether you want to wear it closer to your waist or let it fall closer to your hipline.  Measure yourself and see if it’ll fit you–and if not, chances are you have a friend who would love to have a handmade skirt that’s been on the internet, right??

To win either of these skirts, just leave a comment–that’s it!  Winner will be chosen at random, and TWO more skirts will be showcased and given away EACH day for the rest of the week!  Winners for all the skirts will be announced on Monday, February 18 here on the blog.  Consider it a Valentine’s Day/President’s Day gift from me (and Craftsy) to you!

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