Thanks so much for getting in touch!  I can’t promise to answer every single email (my inbox is frequently overflowing), but I do my very best, and I am always grateful that you’ve taken the time to write and share part of your day with me!

Some helpful links:

  • It’s possible that your question might have already been answered on the FAQs page.
  • You might also be looking for my online classes–those have moved in their entirety to the League of Dressmakers, my online subscription club for adventurous seamstresses.
  • If you’re looking for the Whipstitch retail sewing lounge and fabric shop in Atlanta, it closed its doors for the last time on Easter weekend 2013–you can read more about our going away here.
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If those links didn’t answer your question, please feel free to email me by writing:

deborah [at] whipstitchfabrics [dot] com

Thanks again for being part of the blog, and for making Whipstitch a fun and dynamic place to be!  I have loved carving out this little corner of the crafty internet, and can’t wait to share with you whatever it is that’s coming along next.

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