Look Who Came Home With Me!

Thanks to all of you for the great advice! I had a REALLY good time reading all your sewing machine love stories–and you gave me such good things to consider as I looked at my options.

I went ahead this weekend and took the plunge, and brought home a used Bernina 440 from my local dealership–and it is already my new best friend.  I called them to see if they had one in stock, braved 4 pm Atlanta traffic (yikes!) to head wayyyyyy out into the suburbs and sat for an hour, hemming and hawing and looking back over your comments.  I was a little concerned because even though this one was a trade-in and at a great price, it came with the embroidery unit, which I was pretty sure I would never use.  Why buy something when it will just sit, right?  After test driving for over 60 minutes (and past closing time), I suddenly realized I was already thinking of this as “my” sewing machine.  And the deal was done.  Like the time I got a cat at the shelter, and wa there for two hours, and realized I would get irritated if anyone picked up “my” cat: at that point, it’s time to cut bait and take it on home.

Motor hums with power, the needle glides through the fabric, the free motion stitching is smooth as silk, and I’m in love.  This machine purrs, I tell you–I adore my Rose, and absolutely kept her (because all of you are right: Bernina is HEAVY, and I don’t think I’ll be dragging her to many workshops), but I am thrilled with how smooth and effortless sewing is on this machine compared to my old one.  I haven’t tried the infamous BSR yet, but I will for sure let you know how it goes.  This is an unusual (and HUGE) gift to myself–I’m notorious for making big purchases for others and not spending money on me.  I can already tell I’ll be delighted to sew with this little lady for many, many years to come.  Woot!

11 Comments on “Look Who Came Home With Me!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You will love the world of Bernina. Don’t you wish there were sewing machine shelters? I’d happily adopt a machine…

  2. WOW! So jealous. My mom has had a Bernina for 25 years and never uses it!!! I am plotting to steal it from her one of these days . . .

  3. Congratulations! How exciting!!! Never say never to the embroidery. When my kids were in elementary school every teacher gift was embroidered with the teacher’s name. Every little girl wanted a birthday gift with their name on it. And, every new baby in my neighborhood receives a hooded towel (made with a bath towel and washcloth) with their name embroidered on it. While I don’t really like embroidering it has certainly paid for itself over the years!

    Have fun playing with your new baby!

  4. Congratulations! From your previous post I had the feeling you would end up coming home with it…I felt the same urge last year. And when you start envisioning yourself with a product…the sale is done ;o)

  5. Oh yay! I am sure you deserve it!
    I have an embroidery attachment also. I didn’t think I would use it that much but for kid’s gifts it’s just perfect for adding their names. I make bibs, burp cloths, taggy blankets, bags, pillowcases, and hats with names on them for kids and they are always a hit.

  6. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I know what you mean–it’s hard for me to spend large amounts of money, even if it’s something that I know I’ll use and love for decades. Have fun breaking it in!

  7. I agree with Lisa about the embroidery function. Embroidery is so, so awesome. If you need something to get you inspired to try it, I love urbanthreads.com and anjariegerdesign.com. And if you need a custom design, I know a digitizer who will work for fabric…..;)

  8. I, too, have a Bernina Aurora 440 QE, and I love it! I’ve had it only 6 months, but it has proven itself time and time again. I bought it after having used my first Bernina, an 801 for 30 years without ever so much as a whimper from it.