Anna Maria's New Book, and Sewing for Baby

Click to purchase from Anna Maria's site--autographed!

I left a semi-stalker comment over on Anna Maria’s blog the day her book came out.  The shop copies arrived in the mail, and I whipped right through it, then dashed over to her blog to tell her the absolute truth: this is the very first sewing projects book I have ever owned from which I wanted to make every single project.  Truly.

Usually, I’ll see one or two projects that are super cute in any one book.  Occasionally, it’ll be more like half, but not that often.  Never have I flipped through the pages on first glance and found myself wanting to make and own every project with equal ardor.  Very, very cute stuff here, in a lot of categories: a nursing top for me (totally what I need!), booties for her, a mobile for the nursery, and a man bag for my sweet husband.  I instantly envisioned myself gifting some of these, and the elated faces of the recipients (I like to come strong like that).  I pictured the new baby’s “nursery” (one side of the master bedroom in our six-family-member-three-bedroom house) with the sweet mobile and the wall hangings, and loved what I saw.  I went on imaginary walks with blue-eyed babies in retro-inspired hooded jackets that remind me of the ones my mother made for my eldest when she was tiny.  I could already feel the fabrics in my fingers.

The photography (although not AMH’s own this time) is spectacular, the fabrics are to-die-for, and the projects themselves are so well-planned and appealing that I can’t wait to dive in.  The colors alone are so inspiring that it’s hard to choose where to begin.  For me, though, I think I knew as soon as the pages fell open in the “Mama” section which project would get me jump-started.  My first one?  Totally the nursing top–I have a little bit of the Little Folks voile stashed away, and I feel quite certain this is its density destiny.

Anna Maria, I have pretended that I don’t have a raging crush on you all this time, but the post-partum bliss won’t let me hold it in any longer: you’re awesome.  We all (heart) you.  Thanks for existing, yo.  Over and out.

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