Giveaway and Sale Code: Enjoy Your Day Off!

Here’s hoping the Labor Day holiday means you’ll have the day off on Monday! For those of us with kids in school, I’m not sure we get the day “off,” necessarily, but around here we’re trying to plan a walk to the park in this nice, cool (freaky) weather we’re having.

So why not celebrate a little in advance? Whipstitch has a giveaway starting today, and a new sale code, just ’cause.

Giveaway at The Long Thread
This September, we’re offering a brand-new Hand Embroidery class series over at the Lounge. I’m over the moon excited about it, having succumbed to the super-hip appeal of Jenny Hart over at Sublime Stitching. I’ve got a skirt in the works–I can’t say much until I really get it going, but man, is it gonna be GOOD.I adore my sewing, but on travel holidays like this one, always feel like I want to spend my time working on a project–but can’t take my machine in the car. Hand work is a great answer for that, and embroidery is instant gratification mixed with the relaxation that comes from focusing only on one thing: the stitches. Soooo soothing.
In anticipation and excitement of the new class (and a new obsession), we’re sponsoring a giveaway and Ellen over at The Long Thread has been gracious enough to host it! As part of our class, students receive a complete starter embroidery kit. Win one for yourself by hopping over to The Long Thread and leaving a comment! Let Whipstitch know what classes you’d like to see us offer, and come check out our new stitchwork options in the class listings.

**Updated to add: a couple comments on Ellen’s site pointed out they’re having a hard time finding supplies like these at local stores. ALL the supplies included here–including patterns from Sublime Stitching!–will be available in the shop by next week. Thanks for the comments, especially the new class suggestions, and keep ’em coming!

Sale on Be A Man fabrics through Monday
Oh, how I love these fabrics! They’re tough, they’re funny, they say “physical labor” to me–but only in the very best way.

Tires and bolts and wrenches.Tough-guy slogans and manly checks.
And a little touch of happy hour at the end of the day.

All Be A Man fabrics–the entire collection!–are on sale for $7 a yard through midnight Monday night, Labor Day. Use code BE A MAN at checkout!

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