Major Destash on Instagram TONIGHT!

Just a heads-up, y’all: I have been working diligently the past week-plus to sort through my ENTIRE stash of fabrics and separate out the ones I cannot live without and the ones that I think would be better used if sent along to a loving home. The result of all this harrowing and heart-wrenching decision-making (along the lines of Sophie’s Choice but with a lower bar) is that I have a MASSIVE destash set to go forward on Instagram tonight.

Many of these are fabrics that I want to keep so much that it causes me physical pain to put them in the “sell” pile, but even if I didn’t feel strongly that fabrics should be used rather than moldering and growing dusty, our daughter’s school fees came due this month and man, college ain’t cheap. So in the interest of the Greater Good and my child’s educational improvement, I’m opening my greedy little hands WIDE and showering the rest of you with what I’ve been hoarding all this time!

Among the offerings:

  • Heather Ross (including Far Far Away 1, Far Far Away 2)
  • Tula Pink (including Prince Charming, Birds & Bees, Neptune, and Parisville)
  • Anna Maria (including Innocent Crush, LouLouThi)
  • Amy Butler (including Belle, Love, original Midwest Modern)
  • Lizzy House (including Castle Peeps, 1001 Peeps, Red Letter Day, Hello Pilgrim)
  • Aneela Hooey (including Little Apples, Sherbet Pips)
  • Thomas Knauer (including Asbury, Frippery, Pear Tree, Flock)
  • Momo for Moda (including Free Bird, Wonderland)
  • American Jane for Moda (including Happy Campers, Punctuation, Fairy Tale Friends, pezzy prints)
  • Dr. Seuss flannel and quilting cotton
  • yardage of corduroy, silk, flannel, twill
  • fat quarter and half yard bundles organized by color and theme (including a space bundle that’s pretty legit)
  • large pieces ideal for quilt backings
  • notions and tools that ship easily (including the Dritz Ezy Hem, assorted rulers)

Oh, gosh, and SO much more.  I really turned my sewing storage upside down and rooted out anything I thought I could even remotely live without.  Odds are pretty good that a portion of these sales will turn right around and be re-invested in other, new fabric, but hey!  More goodies for you.  Most fabrics are priced between $8 and $11 a yard, very close to the original retail price (some super duper awesome out-of-print collections will be slightly higher).

Follow @whipstitchdestash to join in the fun!  The account is currently set to “private,” but at 9 pm ET TONIGHT, will be set to “public,” at which point anyone and everyone can join in and start, as one of my IG friends put it, “throwing elbows” to get to the stuff their hearts desire.

Whether you’re a quilter or a garment maker or a fabric collector or a newbie, I can pretty much guarantee there’s something in here for you.  Spread the word, and see you there tonight!!

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