Meet Spice Berry Cottage!

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Meet Spice Berry Cottage, a fab modern online shop and my newest sponsor!

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Spice Berry Cottage carries a wide range of modern cottons and apparel fabrics, mostly focused on quilting.  Dina, the owner, created the shop specifically to inspire sewing and creativity with the amazing fabrics that keep coming out year after year.  Dina loves color and comes from a long line of seamstresses, and started Spice Berry Cottage after a back surgery that encouraged her to finally do what she loves!

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One of my favorite things about the Spice Berry site is their color matching generator, which suggests other in-stock fabrics in the same color range as one you’ve selected.  But it goes beyond that–you can also ask it for secondary colors, for colors that are similar (if you’re going for a monochrome look) or for a fabric with a shade as a minor color (so you can easily locate coordinates).  Such a great tool!  It lets me select a whole range of fabrics and then SEE them, in my cart, to get an idea if they’re going to work for the project I have in mind.  How great is that, right?


Dina carries all the fabrics that you’ve been planning ahead for (oh, seriously, admit it: you plan ahead to buy these fabrics).  Anna Maria, Heather Ross, Alexander Henry, Rae Hoekstra, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Tula Pink, Denyse Schmidt, the works.  Plus organics, flannels, and the new apparel substrates that I love so much.

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Are you a Facebooker?  I have an on-going ambivalence about FB, but what brings me back again and again is how many people LOVE it there–the interface, their pages, and the deals.  Dina does such a great job of sharing shop updates and coupons on the Spice Berry Facebook page, which makes it super simple to click through and get great discounts.  Since I have, like, fourteen Facebook friends, I never miss an update!

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You can also follow Dina’s Pinterest page, which is filled with great finds–new fabric previews, sewing patterns, tutorials, quilts, DIY projects, party ideas, home decor, and a ton more.  She has great taste, and a huge range of board topics to follow!


I’m so delighted to welcome Dina and Spice Berry Cottage as a Whipstitch sponsor!  Head on over to their shop and use code OMF10 for 10% off any purchase!


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