NEW–BariJ Sewing Patterns!

I love my Twitter account.  I get to know some of the coolest folks in the fabric industry in a way that brief meetings at Quilt Market would never allow.  Lizzy House, Betz White, Heather Ross, Amy Schimler, Genevieve Gail, Melissa Averinos, Patty Young, all reveal bits of their personalities and daily work that is fascinating and so personal and approachable and friendly that it makes their designs on fabric jump even more boldly off the bolt to me.  BariJ is one of those designers, and I’ve had such fun reading her tweets over the past few months!

Bari’s break-out collections Full Bloom and Art Journal are gorgeous, sophisticated designs that have really whisked her to the top of the quilt-design pile.  And now she’s gone one step further: she’s putting out a series of sewing patterns that reflect the same sense of style and beauty.  And they’re gorgeous!  I was so excited to see her tweeting about them the other day, and then to find the link to her blog post about their release this afternoon in my Twitter stream.

The lines are simple, the style is classic, and the patterns themselves look like something you could pick up one morning, whip up that afternoon, and give as a gift that evening–my kind of pattern!

As if that wasn’t enough, each pattern includes bonus designs tucked into the instructions–check out Bari J’s blog for the details.

These are being released mid-March and are currently available only to shop owners–but you can bet I’m already working on our first order and that you’ll be able to find them over at Whipstitch once they come in!

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