New Installment in the Become a Better Craft Teacher Series is up!

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The next installment of my Be a Better Craft Teacher series is up over at Sew, Mama, Sew!  This week, I’m talking about how much fun it is to plan HOW you’ll teach a class, and what format that will take–and why one format might be better than another depending on your topic and the students you’ll be teaching.

I’m writing this series with a focus on folks who are currently teaching and looking for more structure and direction as they work to improve their classes, and for new teachers who have never planned a class before and are looking for where to start.  I’m also hearing in comments and emails and on Facebook that even non-teachers, folks who are and have been students of sewing and knitting and embroidery over the years, are getting a lot out of the series.  One reader said it was helping her better understand what to look for in a class so she can find the ones that have the best planning and thoughtfulness at their core.  Another said reading through these ideas was helping her have a better handle on what feedback to give instructors after a class, and how to put into words her thoughts when the instruction was complete.  Those are totally unexpected responses, and so exciting for me!  I can’t wait to see what you think of thee last three installments now that it’s October (!!).

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