Wardrobe Refashion

I teach a series of classes called Wardrobe Recycle, inspired by the numbers of people (mostly women) who are part of the truly, truly fabulous Wardrobe Refashion. I’m currently working on a version of this class taught online, in addition to the format we offer in person. It’s such a great wway to re-envision your wardrobe, reuse what you already have, practice some sewing skills in a low-stress environment, and come up with spectacularly original designs–all at the same time!

After pledging for four months–through birthdays, and births and holidays–I’m singing up for another four and pledging to make or repurpose all my family’s wardrobe (save underthings) from now until late spring. Join me, won’t you?

Check it out, consider taking the plunge, or just lurk and follow along. I have NO DOUBT you’ll find tons and tons of inspiration for ways to make your own wardrobe over.

Happy Sewing!

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