Dear Martha: A Mod Podge Tutorial

Special thanks to Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks for hosting today’s stop on the Stitch by Stitch blog tour! Check out her other amazing ideas for using Mod Podge, the most frequently used adhesive in my house after hot glue.  Thanks, Amy!

If you asked any crafter what their secret dream is, I guess about 90% of us would smile sheepishly, dig our toes in the dirt, and look up under lidded eyes to admit, “To be on Martha Stewart.”  At least, that would be my answer, anyway.

I have this book. And it’s probably my best chance of ever catching Martha’s eye and seeing my dream come to life.

And I thought, “Maybe I can send her a copy!”  I bet she gets every sewing and craft book on the planet sent to her, from authors with the same hopes I have.  I asked my publisher if they had a special connection over there, but alas, no such luck.  So I’m left with my (admittedly fabulous) book, a dream, and a dilemma.  How do I get Martha to notice my book apart from all the others?

With the right card, of course.

Something clever, but not trying too hard.  Something thoughtful, but sincere.  Something handmade but not homemade.  Something special–and it should be thematic, which is to say, fabric related.

Something like this.

Mod Podge Fabric Greeting Card

Scrap fabrics in a fairly tight color palette, some really fabulous prints ranging from Echino linen to Heather Ross double gauze to quilt-weight cottons.

A simple card stock in the perfect color: Whipstitch yellow.

Base coat of Mod Podge, the greatest adhesive known to man.

Arrange the fabrics in a pleasing manner.

Top coat of Mod Podge–not too thick, just enough to seal the deal.

Allow to dry.  Then trim any stray edges, nice and tidy.

A simple message, from the heart.

Off to Martha–ahem, Ms. Stewart–in tomorrow’s mail!  Wish me luck, y’all.  I’d loooove to be on The Martha Stewart Show.  Someone should start a Facebook campaign, for real.

9 Comments on “Dear Martha: A Mod Podge Tutorial

  1. I think you are right about every crafters dream. I hope it works! I told another crafter who was asked to summit ideas to be on the show, that if that ever happened to me I would start introducing myself that way. Hi, I’m Lisa and I was almost on Martha. Totally.

  2. Provie and I used to have a friend who sent her stuff to Robert Redford’s daughter. She did the buying for the Sundance catalog. And, lo and behold, she got into the darned thing. So mail on, I say. One of Martha’s 80+ minions will see it and adore you.

  3. Wonderful book! I had planned to start beginning sewing lessons but decided to try this first. I could definitely see this as one of her giveaways!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi! Congratulations on the book and I live in the ATL area—-have been wanting to stop by your great stitch lounge! I truly believe that you need to be on MS show! Rooting for you & am sure that Martha will be impressed with your gorgeous card, too!

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