Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection for Kokka: IT’S HERE!

OK, let’s start with the crush I have on our UPS guy. It’s kinda like a crush on a senior when you’re a freshman: you don’t even know this person, but you know how he makes you FEEL. Never mind that it’s a different driver every shipment; my crush is on the truck and WHAT HE BRINGS ME.

Today’s delight: Heather Ross’ Far Far Away! Her last collection for the foreseeable future.  Her all-in-double-gauze collection for Kokka.  The words, “I’m gonna wet my pants” are pretty sure to have escaped my lips, but I know my UPS man will be back despite that particular overshare.

Look at it. Really. I opened the box before I even closed the front door.

One of my customers convo’d the shop and said I should roll around in it. And I said, “Yes, ma’am, may I have another?”

Such deliciousness.  I’m almost glad I only got six of the nine prints I ordered today–I’m not sure my heart could’ve taken ALL of them at once.  I jest of course, hyperbole, but you see my point.

Is anyone else flashing back to their sticker collection when they see this?  I can’t be the only one who remembers 1983 so clearly…
Oh, the happy lily pads!  Oh, the perfect scale!  The colors!  I love allll of it.
And this double gauze is delicious.  If you’ve never worked with it, double gauze is just what it sounds like: two layers of fine cotton gauze, held together by itty bitty invisible stitches.  It’s not sheer, but it is lightweight.  It’s not heavy, but it makes the softest quilts.  It’s a whole new experience, and if I were trying some for the first time, may I just say: you could do a lot worse than to work with Heather’s prints!
This apricot color I wasn’t so fond of on paper, but in person I think it’s shooting to the top of my list–and I’m not the only one: I’ve sold almost half the bolt already!  I have another on order, but Kim wasn’t kidding when she said this collection would sell out quickly.  And because of Heather Ross’ non-compete agreement with her former company, Munki Munki, there won’t be another printing.  I’m not usually a sky-is-falling-create-scarcity kinda girl, but I’ve totally already secreted away a little bit of this for myself, for when it can’t be gotten later.
Oh, the mattresses!

OK, off to review those suggestions so we can get a giveaway started tomorrow.  TWO lucky blog readers will be going home with a chunk of this loveliness!

3 Comments on “Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection for Kokka: IT’S HERE!

  1. I’m so excited! I’m the one who put in the order yesterday before my fabric-buying ban goes into effect…who knew I wouldn’t actually have to wait very long for this?? Yippee!

  2. I think we were seperated at birth! This collection has the same affect on me (in fact I am the “roll around in it” etsy lady:) and YES it reminds me of my childhood sticker collection in subject, feel, even the sheer preciousness of it. I’m not sure I could cut into this fabric any more than I stuck my stickers on paper way back when. I am so excited about this fabric!

    YES! YES! YES!

    Oh, and my UPS guy(s) are my heroes. For sure.

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