Liberty Pillow Challenge: Bordered Star Pillow–CLOSED

liberty stile pillow

The ladies at Sew, Mama, Sew contacted a group of bloggers and invited us to be part of a Liberty Stile Pillow Challenge.  Liberty–the Liberty–would send each of us an assortment of their quilting cottons, and we’d sew up a pillow in any style to showcase the prints.  I mean, seriously: who would say no to that?  So I waved my hand in the air and volunteered myself, and then waited for my magical package to arrive.

liberty quilting cottons pillow

This is the result!  When I first heard about the challenge, I figured this was the perfect–I mean, the perfect–time to make a pillow for the master bedroom, where we have a lot of solid colors going on.  When they arrived, the selection had a lot more pink than I suspect my dear husband would be comfortable putting on the bed.  I mean, he’s a very tolerant man, totally willing to let me cover the sofas in any fabric my little heart desires, but every man has his limits.  And frequently, those limits are met when you want to put a pink floral pillow on their side of the marital bed.  Even if it’s a Liberty floral.

liberty stile scrappy pillow

The central design here is the Bordered Star pattern from Six White Horses, in the 12″ version.  It’s foundation pieced, and was really simple and fun to put together.  There are two templates, each sewn out four times, so eight sections.  They went together in a night and a day, about 2.5 hours of sewing time or so–which may or may not include a snack break.

liberty bordered star pillow

Once the star section was done, I knew I wanted to add on a border to make the pillow a full 16″ x 16″ when complete.  Initially I planned for that to be more background fabric, but as the sections of the star were going together, I realized I’d made the outer star border all pink and the inner “spokes” all blue, so I wanted to highlight the pink a little more.  Making my two favorite of these pink prints the borders gave it some real pop.  The first border is 1″ and the skinny background-color border is a scant 1/2″ with the final, outermost border 2″ wide.

liberty pillow straight line quilting

Like the colors of the fabric, my ideas about the quilting changed over time, too, just from watching the pillow front develop.  I backed the pillow front with some mid-weight muslin and used a cotton batting, and then basted.  At that point, I thought I’d quilt the whole thing with outline stitches mirroring the star shape.  But once I did the first two quilting lines–one inside the inner star and one outside the outer star border–I decided to do free-motion meandering stitches in the remainder of the background outside the star.  The quilting inside and around the star really made the shape stand out, and I figured the FMQ would draw up the rest of the pillow front and make the star…well, the star.  Ahem.

liberty quilting cottons quilted pillow front

I trimmed down at the end to make the pillow front 17″ x 17″ total.

liberty stile pillow back

The back is two sections of Kona sewn with an envelope closure.  Each piece measures 17″ x 12″ and the inner edges are double-turned and hemmed.  Easy peasy.

liberty bordered star quilted pillow

The pillow as a whole turned out a lot more pastel and traditional than I think most of my sewing does–I hardly ever work in colors this pale, almost always choosing fabrics that are a lot more saturated.  I love it, though, and it was really refreshing to see how light and soft and sweet it came out.  It’s strange, though, isn’t it?  To work outside your usual comfort zone and not be quite certain if what you’re making is “good” or not, because it doesn’t look like all the other things you usually make?  I think that’s what’s fun about a challenge like this: it forced me to abandon my original plan, work with what I had, and push through to the end even if where I was in the middle wasn’t super comfortable for me.  Sigh–like life.

liberty stile pillow free motion quilting

Thanks to Sew, Mama, Sew and Liberty for a lovely pillow!  And now: the surprise part.  I’m GIVING THIS PILLOW AWAY.  

Yep, that’s right!  I really do love it, but since these aren’t colors I generally use, I don’t know where I’d put it in my house.  And rather than having it go in a drawer and languish, I want it to go to a good home!  Leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random on Monday, Sept 16 at noon Eastern time.  Here’s hoping one of you knows exactly the right place to put this beauty!  This giveaway is now closed.


*Note: giveaway is for the pillow cover only–for efficiency in shipping, pillow insert will not be included.  I know y’all are cool with that.

208 Comments on “Liberty Pillow Challenge: Bordered Star Pillow–CLOSED

    • The pillow is truly beautiful and would be a nice accent to anyone’s home.

    • Beautiful pillow. So sweet of you to give it away. Hope I win!!!

  1. Ahh this would be beautiful with the quilt I’m making for my daughter! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. This pillow is only stoking the fire – I think quilting is in my future.

  3. Your pillow turned out beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to own it! 🙂

  4. I love the colors you shoe for the pillow and have the perfect spot for it. Here’s hoping I win!!

  5. The colors in this pillow remind me of summer. Just gorgeous.

  6. A day without quilting is like a day without sunshine! Beautiful!

  7. I have quilting fever – in my last semester of nurse practitioner school. I have been sneaking a few minutes in my craft space to setup my sewing machines…can’t wait to get to try my hand at quilting. This little pillow would look great in my craft space –

  8. It is beautiful! I have just the place to put this gorgeous pillow! Thanks for giving me a chance!

  9. Stunning it would be beautiful for our new sitting room.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. What a beatitful star pillow! I bow to you for your craftsmanship! *envy*

  11. Love the colors. It would brighten up my little home!

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  13. The pillow is s9 pretty. I would love to have the pattern for my grand daughters. Please pick me, pick me. Thanks a bunch.

  14. You have such amazing gift/talent… will be happy to win one of your amazing work

  15. This pillow is so pretty….it would look
    great in my guest room.

  16. Love the pillow, would love to have that on my bed. You did a great job.


  17. I have a very large amount of quilting squares and all kind of materials that I have held onto since my Mom, grand-mother and stepmom have passed, just can’t seem to do anything with it, I would love to do this
    and some quilting.I just don’t have the how to.

  18. Stunningly beautiful! Not only would I love to own this pillow, I’d also love to learn to make another like it. Bravo!

  19. What a beautiful pillow. I love the choice of colors ….different from the average bear. I’d love to be the lucky one but if I’m not, blessings to the one who does.

  20. It’s a beautiful piece of work, art at it’s finest. I can only aspire to be able to quilt as well one day.

  21. I LOVE this!! So cheerful and sweet! Excellent job in piecing it and putting it together! Very nice!!!

  22. I love the colors. I could see a matching quilt in this pillow’s future.

  23. This pillow would look great on my bed. Have a quilt that I am about finished and new curtains I have made. All hand made Lovely.

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  26. Beautiful! How did you know those are my favorite colors?
    Seriously if I was the lucky winner it would mean something one of my boys would not touch! It’s got pink in it

  27. What a beautiful pillow and what a clever block pattern! It would look great on my window seat!

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  29. This is exquisite! I love the detail & the abundant use the color PINK! 🙂

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  33. I LOVE the colors in this pillow! I have a bunch of stars that my mother was working on before she died 🙁 and I know there isn’t enough for a quilt. So I didn’t know what to do with it, and always felt bad that it was just sitting in a plastic tub. I never thought about making it into a pillow, what a great idea!!! Thank you so much, now it won’t go to waste! God bless you! I feel so much better knowing there is something I can do with it to finish her beautiful work!

  34. This pillow is so beautiful! I remember my grandmother teaching me to quilt as a young girl and it was the star pattern she was using to teach me. What wonderful memories this pillow brought back. I would love to have it in my home and would cherish it.

  35. Nice! I would love to have this pillow. It’s beautiful! My granddaughter would love it!

  36. I would love to win this pillow!! It is just beautiful!

  37. The work is beautiful and yes I in largered so I could see all the wonderful work you did. I would love to have that one and the patern and the name of the material and make more for my vintage trailer. The colors are like ice cream but won’t disappear. Thank you for showing us

  38. Love it! My daughter is getting ready to have a baby these colors would be perfect in the nursery on the glider!

  39. I am so in love with this pillow. It is just beautiful. Reminds me of home and a long time ago. It is Gorgeous and whomever gets it , they will be very lucky.

  40. This is a really beautiful Pillow. Thanks for letting us share it.. I Love the fabric and star..I never can make a star.. I have tried and it never turns out..I hope win..

  41. Beautiful prints and a beautiful pattern == end result a very beautiful pillow.

  42. My daughter’s room is still not done after superstorm sandy…would be lovely inspiration!

  43. i would love these colors in my house it is beautiful. thanks for sharing with us. 😉

  44. I love quilts and i am just starting to quilt again. My birthday is the 19th of this month and what a beautiful present it would make. It has both my husband and mines colors in it and would make a beautiful addition to our spare room which has a quilt on the bed made with the same star by my sister who battles with cancer as well as a quilt in the crib that was made by my mother (my grandsons) great grandmother. I think i want to call it the quilt room!

    Thanks for giving one of us the opportunity to win your pillow.

  45. Hi. I absolutely love the pillow and colors. It would fit perfectly into my home. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  46. I would love to win this pillow so I can make my first quilt to match it. I have the perfect spot for it.

  47. The pillow is beautiful i would love to try and win it and hope 1 day i can make 1 just as beautiful as it to go with it sure would look nice on my bed thank you for giving me a chance to win

  48. Thanks so much for a chance to win this beautiful pillow.

  49. Stunning Spring/Summer colours in this beautifully made cushion. My daughter turns 17 in a couple of weeks time and this would be a gorgeous gift for her window seat in her bedroom.

  50. Wow love the story on how it came to be! Would be a wonderful gift to receive!! I’m a beginner and this really inspires me to stray a little from my safety zone!

  51. It is a very pretty pillow, nice colors and would love to have the pattern for christmas gifts!!

  52. Beautiful pillow and you can see the love in ever stitch. That is what makes it a true treasue. Thank you for sharing your time and work with others I only hope an pray they appriciate, respet and understnad what this means. This is a part of you that you are willing to share to be be loved and treated with love by another. GOD bless you and may you continue doing what you love. My mother is 83 and before her hands got so bad she had made me and my 3 brother a quilt out of our baby clothes – now we cannot have it until after her death, but I remember the time, patience and love that she put into each and every one. So I do understand what you hav gone through and I will say it again it is beautifl and thank you for this oppritunitu.

  53. Would love to own this beautiful pillow. I would definitely showcase it in my home.

  54. I love this people. I have used this technique to make holiday ornaments

  55. With the rich colors of autumn, Halloween, family Thankagiving, leading into the traditional colors and a little chaos of Christmas what a wonderful pillow to gaze at, lay your head on to nap or read a book, steal a little me time. Each season has it own colors and the colors bring emotion. This whispers sun, and spring and time to plant.

  56. My son just died, and your Beautiful pillow looks just right to cheer me up!

  57. Wow I really like this. I need to find a quiltig class near me. Would love to have one of these.

  58. Love the softness of the colors and the pattern! My 7year old granddaughter loves sewing in any form and your lovely pillow would be a very special gift for her October 11th birthday. It would make Allison very happy! Me too!

  59. Oh my gosh this is SO beautiful! I can only wish I had the talent to do that 🙂 You are awesomely nice to give this away as well, so thank you! I love the colors and my daughter and I are big pillow freaks LOL!

  60. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I crochet a little, donated five big boxes to middle school. We play mr.@mrs Claus for Rockford fire dept.& pay , so photos are free, as many as u like. We always have their toys for tots or local food shelf.
    Needless to say, I know have a fatal heart disease. @ 44 , am on full time homecare or it’s the nursin home,( NO), I am in bed, hospital & it would add color. I am sure all the rest are deserving , but no money & I do something ! I believe u help others & they are there for u. Of course that has never happened once in our life. Caught a break of anything. They say ” what comes around, goes around” our karma hasn’t hit us yet. Been married 26 yrs, was 2 get her 2 yrs @ home, couldn’t date.1 boy,2 girls & that even was a struggle. Plz I would to brighten my white walls.

  61. What a gorgeous pillow! It would be perfect on our bed. Hope I win. Joyce

  62. I haven’t yet had the courage to start quilting. I’ve got the books and material and I keep looking at the amazing creations others have achieved. I just love this cushion – it could be my inspiration to get going!

  63. These are my favorite colors. My bedroom is done in them. Since losing my husband in January, I redid it in a more feminine color scheme.

  64. I would love to have the pillow ,but not for me I have a special friend who has cancer and only has 18 month ,it’s a rare cancer and he has been fighting . And pink is her color.

  65. Well I would love it to sit in my new little venture ‘The little Vintage Sewing School’ which I will be opening in a tiny craft room in my garden soon and will have lovely vintage fabrics and singer sewing machines ♥ loving that pillow and the colours x Good Luck everyone.

  66. Beautiful pillow! I know I will find the perfect place for it, in my new house!

  67. Beautiful!! It’s a honour to have anything handmade in your home and this is no exception. I can see a fight brewing, between my daughter and me, for ownership – if I should happen to win of course 😉 x

  68. This pillow is beautiful! It reminds me of a set my Grandma had on her bed when I was a child. I would go spend a week with her in the summer and she would let me sleep on her special pillows. Thanks for giving me that memory today. She was a great part of my growing up. That was almost 40 years ago, but it seems like yesterday.

  69. Beautiful! I do so love pastels,and reds, and oranges and ..FABRIC!

  70. it would be so honored to this beautiful Liberty star pillow, as it is so different from the colors I usually choose to sew with. thanks for sharing.

  71. I have a lovely little ladies rocker that is upholstered in a striped pattern. The stripes are the same colors as in the beautiful pillow you are offering for this giveaway. Add one of my favorite teddy bears, and the pillow to set on the rockers seat, and the pillow will find a wonderful way of being displayed.

  72. What a lovely pillow! If I am lucky enough to win it I will put it in my living room.

  73. I love this! It is so unique the colors, the pattern. It’s beautiful and i would love to have it.

  74. The pillow is beautiful..Love the star pattern. My grandaughter would love this in her pink bedroom. Congrats on the good job!

  75. Wow, what a beautiful pillow. It would look great in my granddaughter’s room. Grandma just might have to make her another quilt to go along with it, huh?

  76. Love this pillow…The colors are perfect for my living room make over…
    Might try to duplicate it too..Thanks for the opportunity!

  77. This is gorgeous! Would love to win this for my mother! She has done a lot for me lately and I would love to get her this as a gift. Once again this is beautiful!

  78. This pillow reminds me of my grandma, Laura.I think it is awesome!!

  79. As I sit here looking at this beautiful pillow I think of the two people I would gift it to. One is my mother who is a very giving woman who is sick and would greatly appreciate the work done to create it, and the other is my 11th grandchild who lives with me who would find a million different ways to use it and add it to her friends list. How wonderful a pillow can be.

  80. Yep! Got a place for that beautiful pillow! Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  81. I love the colors of the pillow it is so inviting to take a nap or even use to craddle one of my tiny foster kittens when they need some extra support and something soft to lay on.

  82. Such a beautiful pillow and pattern. It would be an honor to win.

  83. This pillow has the brightness in yellow of the Glory of God around the beautiful colors of all His creations
    It is a creation of love

  84. love the colors, love the pattern, love the old-fashion feel of the whole thing, and did I say , I would love to win,..thank you for sharing.

  85. The pillow is beautiful! I’d love to put that in either my bedroom or living room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. I know a very special little girl who would love to share this with her baby sister to be. She is one very strong willed little fighter who will be one of gods special angels someday! Addilyn’s Journey of Hope is where you will find her story.

  87. This is beautiful. I would love to have it to give my mother-in-law for Christmas. She is completing chemo after many months of successful cancer treatment-what a treat this would be for her!

  88. This is a BEAUTIFUL Pillow. It reminds me of watching my great-grandma sitting at her sewing machine when I was little. She has made so many pillows & blankets for me & my daughter that were priceless. However, we lost our house recently in a fire, lost everything we have and winning this pillow would make me feel like my grandma was with me again!! I LOVE IT!!!! GREAT JOB with a super talent!!!

  89. Beautiful pillow. I cherish handmade things. Would love to win this.

  90. Awesome pillow and the quilting is just beautiful! I love the colors!

  91. If I am lucky enough to win this beautiful cushion I will put it in my lovely sunny conservatory were I can sit and knit.

  92. I love this pillow. I am someone who loves pastels–especially pink.

  93. This is a beautiful pillow. Something to aspire to be able to do. Your colors are so cheery and bright.

  94. This fabric reminds me of a quilt my grandmother had when I was a kid! Would love to have it in my home.

  95. Such a beautiful pillow–love this pattern. Would cherish this pillow. TY

  96. My bedroom is just crying out for this. Just love the design and colours

  97. This pillow is lovely. I am trying to teach my grand daughter quilting and would love her to have this, it would give her the incentive to keep trying. Thank you for posting.

  98. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a beautiful piece of art! I would love it for myself, but I plan to bless a life long friend of mine that is in the last stages of an aggressive cancer, with this beautiful piece should I win. Thank you.

  99. very to quilting and am going to try to make one like it…having this one will make a wonderful pair….lol…it is lovely…

  100. What a lovely way to use those fabrics, and such a generous thing to do, thanks for the chance to win!

  101. You did an amazing job on this pillow! It is gorgeous. What a generous giveaway. I know exactly where I would put this pillow in my house. 😉

  102. Yellow and pink used together is so cheerful and uplifting! Your choice of colors and fabrics worked well to make this beautiful pillow. I would be delighted to be the owner of this lovely work of art! Thanks for your generosity! I know that whomever wins, it will be most appreciated!

  103. The pillow is beautiful, your work is meticulous, the one thing I have been unable to make myself learn is quilting.

  104. I love the star quilted pillow cover. I have never made that pattern but would like to try it sometime. I have made several log cabin quilts and love to do quilting.

  105. This pillow is not only beautiful but the colors are so soothing. It would be a great inspiration for a quilt in the same family of colors so that both could be displayed together. I would truly love to have this work of art to cherish.

  106. I have just started to learn patchwork and would like to think I would be capable of achieving a masterpiece like this beautiful pillow. Would love to win it so I could then see how all the different pieces are put together. x

  107. Simply beautiful! I’m on my way to Cozy Quilts to buy fabric for my next project. The colors in this pillow makes me want to buy pinks and yellows. I think it’s time I made something for my granddaughter. Best of luck to the winner.

  108. I love the way you used those narrow pieces! Such a beautiful piecing! I can see this pillow cover for my only granddaughter’s bed! She loves all things pink! Thanks for the opportunity to see your work, and try to win it too! 😀

  109. Love that pillow. If I don’t win I’ll have to make my cuz one!

  110. I am inspired ~ forever have wanted a 8 point star pillow and absolutely enjoy the tips shared and a chance to win the beautiful pastel pillow would look amazing in my guest room in a highly prized place of honor ~ will probably have to make a complementary pillow and perhaps a gift or two ~ thanks for sharing and giving us an opportunity to see the final results up close and share it with others ~ Claudia

  111. I love the pillow design from the tips of the star’s points to the beautiful colors used in this design. I am inspired by your creation and would love to create a companion project should I be so lucky as to win the lovely pillow. “Heart” all things quilted from vintage to modern. And I want to mention that I am the proud possessor of my great aunt’s crazy quilt made with velvets and satins and wonderful decorative stitches. I am 75, so I am guessing the quilt is well over 100 years old. Unfortunately, no one is now living who can verify its age.

  112. xQuisite quilting, fabulous fabric!! I am fairly new to the quilting world, your pillow is an inspiration to continue to practice, learn and never give up.

  113. This is a beautiful pillow! Looks like perfect workmanship! If I don’t win it, I would love the pattern!


  115. I would love to have this pillow, the colors are perfect for my bedroom. Hope I win Thanks

  116. I wish I may, I wish I might
    To win this cushion
    would be a delight.
    This gorgeous sweet cushion would be cuddled and loved by my darling granddaughter. She is my little star!

  117. I would really love to send this cushion cover to my daughter in law, Crystal. She loves pastel colours and the bright cushion on her bed would brighten her up as she is in her third pregnancy and nearly bedridden with morning sickness still, in her third month. She was ill for the first 10 months of her first pregnancy; 15 mths in her 2nd and now still pewking in her third month this pregnancy. Thank you.

  118. I love this cushion, The design and the colours you have used.

  119. This is absolutely gorgeous, you did a beautiful job….. I would love for this to go to my husband actually.. the bright pink colors are very cheery … he has the big c so I’m always looking for ways to make him smile.. whoever the lucky person should be very honored… ty

  120. I have a grandchild on the way, due in February. This would be a great gift to welcome the new addition. After nine years of wanting a child, and two miscarriages, this cheerful pillow would be perfect!

  121. Thanks for the giveaway. This is of course a beautiful design, but what I really love is your choice of colors!

  122. What a gorgeous pillow! Way beyond my skill level. 🙂 I’d be honored to win it!

  123. Love this pillow. It reminds me of the quilts my grandmother used to make.

  124. Its a beautiful pillow. I am always excited at the possibility of winning something. I’m usually, more like never, the one to win. But win or not, I think I might just try my hand at making one.

  125. This is absolutely beautiful! I would proudly show it off if I was lucky enough to win it. Then I would immediately try my hand at making another of this same pattern.

  126. This would be placed in a warm, loving, inviting country home where it could roam free in amber waves of grain.

  127. I would love to have the pattern. My friend meet on the 2nd firday of each month to make quilts. For needed kids and new mother who need a little help get the think a place for them and there kid and or new baby. Just Love It.

  128. I just bought the supplies to take my first quilting lesson. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life but never gave myself the time to learn it. Now that I’m retired I’m taking advantage of the opportunity. Your pillow has inspired me to work hard to be able to quilt my own masterpieces. My grand daughters are 14 and 16 and have ask me to make quilts to put in their hope chests. I was so flattered that I cried.

  129. I would love to win this pillow it is beautiful. If I win I have a place to put it in my guest room it would be lovely on the old bed in that room. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this!

  130. That pillow is absolutely beautiful ! I would love to have it !

  131. What a lovely pillow. My husband won’t let me have it on the bed either, but I’d love it on the couch!
    Thanks for giving this away!

  132. Love your pillow. I think it would feel right at home in our home! We love anything quilted!

  133. Excellent work, it is just beautiful. Would be honored to add it to my quilt collection! Thanks

  134. I would love to win your pillow.
    Please consider me.

    Mary Moses.

  135. Gorgeous pillow! Remind me of a pillow my mother-in-law had. Would love to give to one of my grand daughters for Christmas this year.

  136. This pillow is just gorgeous. All beautiful colors (my favorites) and the workmanship looks perfect! With the amount of time you put into this, it takes a very special person to simply give it away. Displaying it would be an honor! I would hope that whoever wins it will, in turn, pass on something to someone else.

  137. Love your pillow. It is a pattern that I’m considering using for a quilt. I really like this star pattern and you did a beautiful job making the pillow.

  138. Yellow and pink are my favorite colors, can’t take my eyes off the bright sweetness.