Take the Surveys!

Yesterday, in my newsletter, I sent out two different surveys looking for feedback as I plan for 2016.

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Halloween Projects Now LIVE!

Now live and waiting for you: Halloween projects have been added to the Hand-Sewn Year online class!  This class began as a Christmas Camp, and is gradually growing to include all the holidays in the calendar.  With Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, holiday and Christmas projects now included, there are over 45 lessons waiting for you!

Fall Wardrobe E-Course Registration OPEN!

Now open for registration:  the Fall Wardrobe e-course! We’ll be sewing up five really fantastic patterns for fall: a skirt, a dress, a blouse, a jacket, and pants!  Mix-and-match these pieces, make them up in different fabrics, fill your closet this autumn with new clothing for YOU.  If you’ve been wanting to take the plunge […]

Announcing NEW Whipstitch e-Courses!

Y’all.  I am so, so excited.  In the midst of all the other excitement going on, I am delighted to announce new Whipstitch e-Courses for this fall! I’ve been wanting to offer online classes for ages now, and have finally worked out the details to make it happen.  I worked hard to choose topics that […]