Halloween Projects Now LIVE!

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Now live and waiting for you: Halloween projects have been added to the Hand-Sewn Year online class!  This class began as a Christmas Camp, and is gradually growing to include all the holidays in the calendar.  With Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, holiday and Christmas projects now included, there are over 45 lessons waiting for you!

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Each project includes step-by-step instructions and a boatload of photos to guide you.  Most projects also include video and printable downloads, and you’ll have one-on-one feedback from me as your instructor.  Halloween projects include a Creepy Eyeball Pillow, complete with bloodshot whites; a Reversible Applique Tote; and a video guide to the classic Serpent Tee.

snake tee a

I loved building this content for you, and I love adding to it over time.  I’m amazed at how much I look forward to bringing out these projects each year, and hope you’ll feel the same way!  What better way to welcome the holidays into your family than with some hand-sewn love?  Make the kids trick-or-treat totes (or make it for yourself–who says you have to share?).  Make a pillow for the sofa to surprise your guests, or a semi-icky wreath for the front door to great the Halloween season (and your neighbors).

carry the spider tote

There’s even a Spooky Felt Board Project, for making fun tableaux.  I can’t wait to see how you’ll make these projects your own!  You’ll find so many templates that you can use over and over again, for you and for all the folks you celebrate with each year.  Let’s get sewing, and make some heirloom memories!  The Hand-Sewn Holiday E-Course is open now!

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