Coast-to-Coast III: One Down, Two to Go!

Dear Dana, I absolutely ADORE the suit you finished for Goose! Super cute, and so motivating for me–I can’t slack off now, since you’ve already got results! I did have a realization, though, that once I’d stitched my suit, I’ll have to *gulp* try it on, and I’m thinking today’s not the day. So I […]

Coast-to-Coast: Sewing Swimwear, Part II

Dear Dana, OK, I am so envious that you had the foresight to order solids from Spandex World. Might have to get myself back over there and consider some options to do some sort of colorblock action… So chic, right? I saw you mentioned needles. I’ve been doing some reading (consummate researcher, that’s me!), and […]

Coast-to-Coast: A Swimwear Sew-along

Dear Dana, First, I owe you a huge thank-you: I’m not convinced I ever would’ve found Spandex World without you, and I think NOT knowing that a business under that name was out there in the world would’ve made my life emptier. I mean: Spandex World? How great is that? Second, can I even tell […]

Made By Rae Spring Top Sew-A-Long

Over at Made by Rae, it’s time for a yummy spring top sew-a-longto get us all motivated to make some spring tops for the warmer weather we know is on its way! I know I have some patterns that have been sitting for a shameful amount of time, waiting to get stitched. ┬áMust go dig […]