Sewing Machine Maintenance: Round Up of Sewing Machine Covers

If you’re going to take the time to clean your sewing machine and serger on a regular basis, it would be foolish to leave it exposed to the elements.  The dust and pollen and..other stuff…floating around in the air pretty much guarantee that any machine that doesn’t have a little jacket to wear will end […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: A Sample Schedule

It’s lovely to know HOW to clean your machine(s), but it’s equally important to know WHEN to clean them, in order to make sure you get the most out of them and catch any issues before they become problems.  Today, a sample schedule for maintaining and servicing your sewing machine and serger. Sewing Machine cleaning […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Cleaning Your Serger

A serger, or overlock machine, can be a great addition to your sewing arsenal.  They’re not at all essential, obviously, but if you’re planning to open an Etsy shop manufacturing children’s clothing, for example, you’ll find that a serger will make your life super way easier.  Cleaning one out isn’t tough, but it does need […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Cleaning a Top-Load

If you’re following along, we’re having an exciting week of CLEANING!  I know how it sounds.  But really, it is exciting to clean your sewing machine–seeing it all shiny and happy is much more satisfying than 20-year-old me would have ever guessed.  Plus, it has the added benefit of making your sewing better and your […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Cleaning a Front-Load

Brief note: I announced on Thursday that we’d be hosting a Crafty Meet-Up at the Whipstitch shop in Atlanta on June 29.  Turns out that’s the Friday before July 4–who knew?  Lots of you let us know that you’ll be out of town that weekend and were bummed you wouldn’t be able to make it–so […]