Sewing with Kids, Lesson 7: Gratitude

Well, it’s Mother’s Day.  Again. The day when many of us plan our own celebration–cheerfully, knowing that’s how we’ll have a special day.  It’s the rare occasion when we ask for what we really want: breakfast in bed, someone else doing the vacuuming, an afternoon nap, and maybe a handmade card.  Doesn’t all that sound […]

Sewing with Kids, Lesson 6: Responsibility

I think most of us hesitate to teach our kids to sew not because they’re not very interested–they all seem to love the tools and toys and gadgets that go along with sewing–but because we worry that they won’t be able to handle the danger inherent in lots of small, pointy, sharp objects.  This is […]

Sewing with Kids Book Reviews

There are precious few books on the market that are designed for sewing with kids.  More narrowly, there are super few that are written for adults who want to sew with kids–there are titles that are written for kids to sew on their own, but not for the adults who love them and want to […]

Sewing with Kids, Lesson 5: Kindness

I think kindness is under-rated in our world.  When most of us think about “the way things used to be” or “the Good Old Days,” am I wrong in thinking that what we’re really longing for is simple kindness?  Just behavior that recognizes that we’re humans, and we’re surrounded by other humans, and none of […]

Sewing With Kids, Lesson 4: Thoughtfulness

There is something magical and sweet about a child handing you something they have made all by themselves.  It might be the look on their faces when they offer it to you, or the joy in their voices as they crow over their success, or the delight they share openly when you compliment their work.  […]

Sewing with Kids, Lesson 3: Persistence

Sometimes, when children are introduced to new ideas, they struggle with getting their tiny hands around tasks suited to a bigger world.  For them, and for us, it can be tough to stay tuned in when a job feels too big or too tough, and it leads to lack of attention and–gasp!–quitting.  I want my […]

Sewing With Kids, Lesson 2: Focus

In the last lesson, Patience, my kids spent their wait time talking about colors and what matches and doesn’t match, and planning out designs and stringing their noodles into perfectly unique creations.  Totally love.  This lesson is an extension of that one, and builds a bridge between last week and next week with what I […]

Sewing With Kids, Lesson One: Patience

It sounds like there are a LOT of us who are looking for ways to introduce our kids to sewing, and you can’t know how excited that makes me!  When I was thinking through this series, I really wanted it to follow the same basic format as Stitch by Stitch, starting with simple projects and […]

Sewing With Kids

I learned to sew from my mother.  She learned from her mother (with assistance from 4-H, I believe).  And her mother learned from her mother.  There’s something about that consistency that I really appreciate, that makes me look forward to sewing with my own kids. My oldest has her own sewing machine and works up […]