Linen & Double-Gauze Mini-Quilt

Recently, the do.Good Stitches circle hosts did a swap, the first we’ve done.  Actually, this is the first Flickr swap I’ve EVER done, which seems odd for me to admit, because I count myself lucky to have a goodly number of online friends, so you’d think by now that I would have done a swap, but no, sadly.  Happy day for me that this was such a lovely one on which to cut my teeth!  I requested a wall hanging/mini-quilt, with the idea that I could build a wall of mini-quilts in the girls’ room, similar to what Hillary did here (and which I have always lusted over admired greatly).

Isn’t it perfectly lovely??  The linen, the double-gauze, the prints, the colors!  I am so, so thrilled and so grateful to be the recipient of such hard work and thoughtful sewing!  Amanda from My Sewcial Hour made this for me–and was incredibly sweet and threw in a bag of jelly beans, not pictured here.  Because I ate them.  And then went and bought some more, because they were so awesome.  Ahem.  Thanks, Amanda!!

I think the best part about doing a swap like this–and maybe it’s why people keep doing this kind of thing over and over–is because the whole thing came from someone’s mind other than my own, which means there are little bits and pieces to discover each time I look at it again.  Like the variegated thread here, in the super narrow straight-line quilting (which I love, obvs).

Naturally, I completely neglected to take a photo of the piece that I made for the swap–par for the course over here, where I frequently forget to shoot a picture before shipping something off, yikes.  Mine used black Kona for the sashing fabric, which I thought was so edgy, but I love this linen so much that now I wonder which I prefer.  I don’t have to choose, though, right??  I mean, that’s the great thing about quilting, yes?  You can have LOTS of favorites??

And this mini-quilt is a new one of mine.  Going smack-dab in the center of the wall in my girls’ yellow-and-pink room.  Yay!

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