Stitch by Stitch

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Stitch by Stitch is designed for new and “returning” stitchers, and covers all the foundational sewing skills you need to complete almost any project your heart desires. The book is designed with projects that build on one another as you work through them, allowing you to master sewing skills one step at a time while giving you the instant gratification to keep going and becoming more proficient. Every project includes step-by-step photos in gorgeous color to guide you through, and the book’s patterns are included on a CD embedded in the back cover so you can print them again and again.

NOTE: Having trouble viewing the patterns correctly on the enclosed CD?  Fear not!  It isn’t your disc, it’s your reader!  I’ve heard reports that the formatting on the CD enclosed in Stitch by Stitch has errors when attempting to print, with the images all layered on top of one another.  This is the result of reading them with Preview or another reader, rather than the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.  If you’ll switch your reader to Acrobat, you’ll be swimming easy!  Download the most recent version here, and happy stitching!

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