Bolts in the Shop TONIGHT 6 to midnight!

Tonight, we’re trying an experiment. Whipstitch is a stitch lounge, in a dedicated space inside Beehive Co-op. Our square footage, and my commitment to my family, prevent me from keeping all 450+ bolts of our fabrics in the shop all the time. Instead, I’ve developed the concept of stocking precut yards, half yards, fat quarters, and bundles in the shop, and delivering continuous yardage on demand. You see what you love in the shop? Let me know, and I’ll have it in the store or in the mail within 24 hours!There are times, though, when each of us would prefer to have our gratification NOW. With folks beginning to think about handmade holiday gifts, and with school going back next week around here, now seems like a peak time to start stocking up for all the projects we have in the works.So this Friday, August 7, I’m loading up every last one of our bolts and filling the shop to the rafters with fabric! We’ll have wine and music, snacks and good company, and we’ll be cutting your fabric right there on the spot for you to take home with you.
Come join us, and introduce yourself! I’ve been so fortunate to get to “know” lots of my Whipstitch customers online, and I’m always excited when I finally meet them in person. Come visit for a bit, and let us get to know you while you browse and explore and fall in love with our fabrics in person.See you then!

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