Celebrate the Boy: Fabric Giveaway with Made by Rae!

I have made it part of my mission to stock lots and lots of very cool boy fabrics–at least, I have ever since I had a boy.  I am pretty open about the fact that prior to the birth of our son, I thought I knew what boys were all about, but basically the day he came home, I realized I didn’t have a clue.

For example, before I had any boy children, I thought:

  • boys only wore jeans and tee shirts because that’s all boys would wear
  • boys didn’t care what they wore and would tolerate any old garment that wasn’t itchy
  • it wouldn’t bother me if my girls had cute things to wear and my boy didn’t, because that’s just “how boys are”
  • sewing for my boy would be easy: shirts, pants, done!

I can hear all the boy mommies laughing at me at this very instant.  Go ahead, laugh it up, ladies.  I know I was naive.  WAS.  I’m all better now.  Because now I know:

  • boys wear jeans and tee shirts because that’s frequently all there IS–and their mommies are totally bummed about that
  • boys totally care what they put on, and often will find that One Thing they love so much that they sleep in it four nights in a row and refuse to take it off (ask me how I know)
  • it makes me feel like a crummy mom if I work hard to make cute things for my girl and then phone it in and put jeans and a tee on my boy, like he’s a walking ad for how I’m not trying as hard with him
  • sewing for my boy can be wildly frustrating, and finding cute fabrics is a struggle–just like finding cute patterns

I channeled my frustration into ordering and stocking as many super-cute boy fabrics as I could find, working to ensure that when boy mommies come into the shop–either in Atlanta or online–they can find some yummies to use to make special crafty happiness for their little men.

So Let’s Give Some Away!

And I’d like to share some of that yum with you!  HUGE thanks to Rae of Made by Rae for hosting the Celebrate the Boy month again this year (along with Dana over at MADE)–they always round up the funnest projects and ideas and inspiration to get me sewing more for my Mr. O, and help me feel like a better mommy because of it.  I’m tickled to play my part this year by giving away a fat quarter bundle of any eight fabrics in the Whipstitch shop to one lucky winner!  Woot!

Head on over to Made by Rae and enter to win!

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