Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt 5: Skirts for Girls

Today’s charm pack idea is a simple, sweet one: charm square skirts and jumpers for girls!  This pattern, available in the Whipstitch Etsy shop (in the patterns section), is from Indygo Junction, and gives clear, concise directions to make these sweet outfits.
I like that the construction is so straightforward–this was a two-ish hour project for me, but could easily have been a one-hour skirt if the babies had been asleep (ahem–I think most of us know that if the kids “help” we can double the amount of time the task will take to complete…).  It’s absolutely an ideal project for beginning sewers or those who want to start small when making clothing.  I often hear folks say that to start making clothes, you should begin with pajama pants, but I think that’s a terrible suggestion!  Pants are notoriously hard to fit properly and PJs are notoriously oversized–nothing discourages you like a project you can’t wear.  This skirt is mostly straight, short seams, plus a hem, rick rack, and an elastic waistband, so you cover a bunch of essential skills in a short period of time.
I call that type of pattern a “movie pattern,” one where I like to pop in a DVD–an action film, say, or a romantic comedy, you know, Sandra Bullock maybe, something light–and watch while I sew.  Neither takes my whole brain, and I feel like I’ve used my time well.

I also like that, as with any charm pack, this little skirt has a wildly different personality depending on which collection you choose.  I used Lila Tueller’s Soiree for this one (also available at Whipstitch Etsy in the precuts section), but imagine it in Good Folks, like the table runner–wow! I’m thinking I’ll do the jumper version next out of Neptune, as a swimsuit cover-up for the summer…
Our little model seems to like it. She said, “Makes me dance! In the wind!” This pattern, by the way, is a size 3/4/5 modeled on a 2.5 year old–lots of room to grow, lots more dancing to do!

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  • Gramma To Two
    December 31, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    GORGEOUS!! Thanks for the review, will definitely add this pattern to my “Must Buy” list 🙂