Whipstitch online sewing classes[box color=”blue” align=”left”]Whipstitch e-courses are online sewing classes that are open to anyone, anywhere.  Through a combination of blog posts, PDF downloads, video, audio and chat, we explore the topic over a series of lessons all in one big community.  You always get one-on-one interaction and plenty of attention as the class proceeds, and I love meeting all of you!  I work hard to bring you original content in areas that are in high demand, and where I don’t see many outlets either in person or online.  I truly hope you love these classes, and am so excited to see you join us!

Whipstitch sewing classes come in two styles: “ready now” and “upcoming dates.”  The “ready now” classes are listed on the e-courses page, and are ready for you to begin, any day and anywhere.  Start as soon as you register and work at your own pace!  You’ll have full access to the course content and videos, be able to join in the conversation through comments and photo sharing, and have the freedom to archive your completed and in-progress classes under your own dedicated profile.  Upload a photo and add your social links and really join the Whipstitch community to maximize the learning and the camraderie!

Classes marked “upcoming dates” are taught in real-time, with lessons added daily over the course of four weeks.  Every student begins and ends the course together as a cohort, and the companionship and friendships you’ll develop over that time will last through that one class and beyond!  These “live” classes are offered six times a year, and include all the video, audio, PDFs, downloads and printables included in other Whipstitch classes PLUS weekly live chats and opportunities to submit your work for individual review–it’s a real classroom experience, all while in your jammies!  Upcoming “live” class titles are released approximately 6 weeks prior to the launch of a new class, and you’ll know them by the “Upcoming Dates!” ribbon on the class icon.  These classes fill up fast and usually sell out completely–so be sure to jump in and register as soon as you see a new listing!

To view all the Whipstitch online sewing classes, see the e-courses page!  Browse the selection, view the lesson titles, watch the virtual tour, and go ahead and make a profile for yourself.  Jump on the classes you’ve been dying to take, and if you have suggestions for additional titles, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know!  Planning new courses and meeting you where you are in your sewing is my chief joy as a teacher, and I can’t wait to share with you everything Whipstitch has to offer.[/box]


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