Disclaimers & Giveaway Policies


  • Whipstitch is a for-profit site, and as such, I occasionally promote products or do giveaways.  I don’t accept payment for any endorsements, and truly only bring to readers the products I feel good about and use myself.  I do occasionally receive free copies of books in exchange for a review, but I only review the books that I genuinely liked and would recommend to others.  When possible, I giveaway many copies of books that have been sent to me for review consideration.
  • I do use affiliate links to promote off-site products, both through in-post links and the Amazon store linked in the blog sidebar.  Items and products linked in such a way are those that I personally use and can recommend through experience, and are never submitted to me nor shared with readers as a promotional consideration or means to advertise a product for the manufacturer or supplier.
  • On occasion, I am provided with fabric or other sewing supplies to complete a sewing project, tutorial, pattern or post for a specific purpose, such as a blog tour or guest post.  These cases are clearly stated in the body of the blog post or tutorial.
  • I do not currently accept advertising on my blog, although I do have an in-kind relationship with several online fabric shops whom I promote on the site in exchange for professional consideration.  This is usally in the form of a discounted price on fabric, which I use based on my own preferences and current projects, and which I choose myself to fulfill particular sewing goals and to fill my cabinets to bursting.  Those shops are clearly listed in the blog sidebar, and on the home page of my old site: WhipstitchFabrics.com
  • If you submit or share images of your own projects directly to Whipstitch, or post images to one of the Whipstitch Flickr groups, you are granting permission for me to use those images in a limited fashion here on the site, usually as part of a blog post highlighting your project or a group of projects using one of my patterns or tutorials.  Should I use one of your shared images in this way, I will link back to the original source for the image or otherwise credit you directly for the use of your photos.  If you would prefer that I not pull one of your images from the Flickr pool, please leave a note in the photo description and simply say, “Please don’t share!” or something along those lines.  Should I at any time use an image and you would prefer that I not have done so, a quick note is all it takes, and I will happily remove your image from the site, along with any attribution.

PRIVACY POLICY:  Giveaways are occasionally sponsored, though most times they are from my own personal stash or products, such as books, samples or e-courses.  When sponsored, the prize or prize package will be sent directly from the sponsor to the winner of the giveaway.  In that case, I will share–with your consent–your contact information so that you and the sponsor are able to arrange for delivery of your prize or prize package.  At no other time do I share your contact information, and I have never knowingly shared emails, an email list or a newsletter list of my subscribers.

Should you at any point find that you are receiving unsolicited emails or marketing materials from an organization other than Whipstitch, and you believe that your contact information was obtained through Whipstitch, please immediately contact me.  Any organization holding a subscriber or email list that is the property of Whipstitch has done so without my consent and is subject to prosecution.

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