Handbags E-Course Showcase: The Asymmetrical Clutch

handbags ecourse clutch action

This second bag from the Everyday Handbags e-course goes the other way from the Poolside Tote.  Where that one’s huge, this one is small.  Where that one has a large opening, this one zips shut.  Where that one is perfectly symmetrical, this one dips and curves for an interesting shape.  And somehow, I love them both equally.

handbags ecourse clutch overhead

I freely admit that there are lots of clutch handbags and handbag patterns out there.  I even have a frame clutch handbag in Stitch Savvy (which I also adore).  This one is longer and skinnier than most clutches, though, which I think is so fun–and reflects some of what I’ve been seeing on runways and in those fancy shops where I oogle but rarely can afford to buy.  It’s made with fusible fleece, which gives it body and shape but also a softness that’s really appealing.

handbags ecourse clutch opened

The zipper is inset in the front panel, with a pocket behind it to hold only your essentials.  After pulling a Goldfish cracker out of my purse, dangling from a scrap of grocery receipt, and watching it crash to my feet in front of witnesses–whom I was undoubtedly trying to impress–I have made a vow that when I am out doing Grown-Up Stuff and don’t need my massive mom bag, I will carry a clutch, which is chic and small and requires that I take only my license and my phone, and possibly a lip gloss. This pocket holds a bit more than that, and might even fit an iPad Mini, should you have such a thing, but it most certainly is not designed for holding childrens’ snacks and spare blankies.  Ahem.

handbags ecourse clutch flap

Don’t you love that curve on the flap??  It is TOTALLY ringing my bell, y’all.  I love the swoop of it, and the way it makes the accent fabric really POP like a little half-hidden surprise as you’re carrying the bag.  I bet that front panel could be made out of patchwork and become something super special–tucked away behind that flap.

handbags ecourse clutch unzipped

I picture this clutch going lots of places, not just Places Where Children Cannot Go: yes, it’s for Date Night and evenings out to dinner, but it’s also for movies and for school events, and for church on Sunday mornings and for Girls’ Night with your fave ladies.  I’m working on one right now in a sparkle vinyl (YES) that I suspect will wow us all.

handbags ecourse clutch

See more about this bag and the others included in the Everyday Handbags e-course, and then register online!  Spots are limited, class starts on April 24, 2013.  See you there!

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  • Shalini
    April 17, 2013 at 3:26 am

    WOW. That is gorgeous. I am so going to join this course. You are an amazing teacher too !!! 😀