Heather Ross’ Far Far Away is On Its Way!

I heard from the US distributor of Heather Ross’ new line for Kokka, Far Far Away, that my order has SHIPPED and is on its way to me AS WE SPEAK!  Am super excited to see this wonderful fabric.

And I also wanted to remind you all: comments are still open to suggest your own giveaway!  As a reminder, I’m looking not only for what you’d like to win, but also for HOW it should be won.  Shouldn’t folks have to DO something?  Make a suggestion–some good ones have been to offer a project they’d make with the fabric; host a snail race and allow people to bet on the winner (everyone who picks the right snail gets their number in the hat); and tell a story based on the prints themselves.  All VERY cool ideas–keep ’em coming!
We’ll close out comments the day the fabric arrives and let you know what we’ve got planned for the giveaway!

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