It’s Time to Start Thinking About Holiday Sewing!

I know, I feel the same way a lot of you do: it’s ghastly and rude to even mention Christmas when we haven’t had so much as Halloween yet. I have always resisted the decorations and gift pushing in shops and online this early in the year. But the short truth is that if we want to have a magical, hand-sewn Christmas, we’re going to have to start sewing now-ish in order to get some fabric under our belts before the craziness gets here and it’s too late. Again.

Enter: some group motivation and a lovely five-week class to get you there.

We won’t start until after Halloween, thank goodness, so you don’t have to ruffle your holiday feathers too much. What we WILL do is get you moving and started doing all that holiday sewing you’ve always said you were planning to do, and didn’t quite get around to. Tree skirts and stockings and wreaths, but also Nativities and Advent calendars and centerpieces and mistletoe and candy canes and gingerbread houses. You’ll get piles of inspiration PLUS motivation to get it all done. Five weeks of holiday loveliness, done by Dec 5, leaving you plenty of time to sit back, sip some cocoa, and enjoy the wintertime fruits of your labors. See all the details on the Handmade Holidays e-course, and I’ll hope to see you in class!

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