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I feel enormously privileged to live the life I do, where I get to indulge in one of my passions on a daily basis while surrounded by a husband I adore and children I am so proud to have been allowed to raise and love, all in a home that we love. Because we have four children who range in age from 18 to 3, there is always a lot going on at our house, and a lot of ideas and projects that grow out of a busy family and a full home. We’re not experts, we’re not perfect parents, and we’re definitely figuring it out as we go, but these are the games and experiments and adventures we’ve shared so far.


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sewing-kids-buttonLooking for sewing projects you can do with your children? Start with this blog series, where I worked through a list of character traits with my kids, hoping that learning to sew would help them (and me) become better people.


mom essaysOn occasion, I write a post about how awesome it is that we get to both give birth AND change diapers. You can read a collection of those here.

part-time homeschooling

This year, we have a five-year-old in half-day preschool. He’s too old to take naps, but too young to spend the three hours after school each day just sitting around. Meantime, we have a three-year-old who does nap, and a seven-year-old off at full-day school. So we’re trying an experiment: “part-time homeschool.” He and I are spending those two-point-five hours each afternoon supplementing his time at pre-school with lessons at home–heck, it might even spill over onto the other kids, too. I’m not even sure “part-time homeschool” is a real thing, but we’re doing it. Call it “academic enrichment” or “parental involvement” if that feels better for you. We’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing and how it goes, here.

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