Lisette Passport Jacket

lisette passport jacket sleeve viewThis is the Lisette Passport jacket, one of the patterns put out by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S for Simplicity.  It’s one of the four patterns featuered in the Fall Wardrobe e-course that starts next week, and I lurve it very much.  See how cute??  Three-quarter sleeves!  Overlapping front panels with ruffled collar!  Tiny little button detail on the front!  Welt pockets!  Hits at mid-hip and super flattering over a dress, with a skirt, or just tossed on with jeans on the weekend.  And in plaid?  Shut up, y’all, don’t even get me started.  Like buttah.

lisette passport jacket frontThis is an unlined jacket with enthusiastic facings, so it feels more like a partially-lined jacket.  I used some Ambience rayon lining on this, and with the plaid wool, it makes it feel so professional and store-bought.  I wanted us to have a pattern in the class that addressed princess seams, which this jacket includes.  Having the chance to talk about matching plaids AND make welt pockets was just a magical bonus.

lisette passport jacket side viewMatching the plaids went pretty smoothly here, and I spend a chunk of time in the e-course going over what to look for and how to get a good lining-up on this.  We also cover setting in the sleeve, which can scare folks off if they haven’t done it before, but once you’ve seen how, gets quicker and more direct with each garment you sew.  I really wanted every pattern included in the class to be a chance to drill down on skills that you’d use again and again and again, and Liesl Gibson writes such great patterns that this one demanded to be a teaching tool–she’s just dreamy, and I feel so privileged to have had the chance to spend time with her.  Very smart, very cool lady who knows her stuff and has the heart of a teacher, which comes through in every pattern she designs.

lisette passport jacket collarSpeaking of design, can we just talk about this collar for a second??  There are two collar options included in the pattern for this jacket; I chose to sew up the ruffled version for this plaid and for the class video lessons so that I could demonstrated the technique in lots of detail.  Plus: ruffled collar!!  Hellooo, Nurse.

lisette passport jacket buttonAnd of course, there’s the little button detail, with a self-fabric loop to hold it in place, which I love.  Just one of those little touches that makes a garment feel so professional and hand-made, rather than home-made.

passport jacketThis jacket is the perfect transitional weight for our climate–which means I can start wearing it after 9 pm in September, and it will be plenty heavy enough to keep out the cold all the way through mid-December.  Yes, it stays warm that long here.  Making this little jacket dreamy and giving me lots of opportunities to show it off–but even in cooler climates, this one would be fabulous from Labor Day on through Halloween.  Check out all the details on the Fall Wardrobe class page and come join us to learn the skills and techniques to put it together!  Just a few spots left open, with plenty of time to gather your supplies before we begin.  Hoping to “see” you there!

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