Organizing Your Sewing Space: Unusual Spaces

Also titled: ideas I wish I’d had.

I’m so pleased that so many of you have been inspired by this series of posts!  It has made me both more motivated to create a beautiful studio just for me (as opposed to the in-home fabric shop I’d originally designed the space for back when Whipstitch was run from the studio), but has also made me move more intentionally toward that final space, with the thought that if I look around enough, some amazing ideas will emerge.

To whit:

This pretty little nook from Ali Edwards is tucked into an oddly shaped wall in the office.  Not much space, and not where many of us would think to place our sewing machines.  But look how perfectly situated it is, and how easily it was accomplished!  Makes me think that adding another work station would be a breeze if I’d release my assumptions and use some imagination.

Or try this one:

Practically part of the wall itself, this little nook is so clever, with the ironing station integrated into the cabinets and the clean workspace with plenty of storage.  I love the light and colors, and I’ve always hankered after more space to press and lay out projects…

Along the lines of, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, try these two on for size:

Both are SUCH simple answers to problems so many of us have: storage.  The top image uses Ikea shelving units with the glass door option, and adds modern fabrics (in this case, Amy Butler) to the inside of the glass to disguise the interior.  Very pretty, very bright, easy to swap out when your mood changes, and a great solution to all the unsightly doo-dads we collect as we sew.  The bottom image: pegboard, one of my all-time favorite things!  Flexible and adjustable, inexpensive and easy to come by, and when painted looks great in almost any setting.  A little less modern and more cottage, I think pegboard is a fabulous option for most of us who want semi-permanent storage that can go with us or be relocated within a room.

And finally, some perspective:

I am of a mixed heart when it comes to this image.  Combines two of my greatest passions–sewing and the beach–but I imagine like many exotic images, it gussies up what could be a very uncomfortable day at the machine.  In all the spaces each of us inhabits, I imagine we are fortunate to know that we won’t have sand crabs nibbling our fabric or salt in our hair.  Unless, of course, you have a zillion children, in which case, I wish you the best.

And now, a show of hands: who has renovated their space?  Or needs to?  Anyone else smell a Sewing Space Makeover Contest via Flickr pool in the offing?  If we see enough interested parties, I’m totally game for setting it up…as long as I get to play, too!

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  • Kim
    April 21, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Love the idea of a contest as long as you post lots and lots of pictures for those of us collecting even more ideas for our own spaces! (The beach photo, OMG, where did u find that?)

  • Camille
    April 21, 2010 at 10:21 am

    I wouldn’t say I have renovated my space, more like made it over. I sew in my dining room and IKEA (as usual) was a godsend in getting it organized.

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