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Knits are both a really hot and exciting fabric right now, and also the one fabric most likely to make stitchers freeze with indecision and uncertainty.  Because the fabric is made in a different way, it throws us off and makes us unsure of how to work with a fabric that most of us love to wear!  This e-course is designed to take the mystery out of knits and give you the skills and tools to sew knits with ease and confidence–with just your sewing machine!

Taught over the course of five weeks, this online class gives you the chance to explore knit fabrics–like interlock and jersey–in the company of other stitchers who want to hone their skills and try new sewing techniques.  You’ll work with patterns, explore the properties of knits, learn what stitch and what needle to use, how to select your fabric–and even where to find the best ones online to buy.

During our exciting sewing time together, you’ll learn:

  • what knits are–and what they aren’t; types of knit fabrics; thread and needles to use with knits; knit fabrics vs wovens, and how they behave; what to expect from a good knit, and how to spot the bad ones; where to buy good knits–of all types
  • tension and stitch selection when sewing with knit fabrics; patterns and pattern layout; accurate cutting and sizing with knit fabrics;  adjusting your sewing technique for a stretchy fabric
  • seam finishes and seam allowances; raveling and unraveling; sewing curves with knits; unfinished edges and hem selection; using interfacings with knits; installing a zipper or buttonhole in your knits; bindings and ribbings; elastic and shirring with knits; gathers, ruffles, and lettuce edges
  • linings and facings; using knits for dressier clothes, in addition to casual sportswear; embroidery and applique on knit fabrics
  • when to use the serger; using the coverstitch function; professional-looking finishes with just your sewing machine
  • interviews with fabric & clothing designers for insider tips to use in your sewing; Q & As with industry professionals using YOUR questions, including Patty Young and Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S
  • PLUS four group projects, three mini-projects, and a whole host of on-your-own extension projects to expand what we’re learning!  Projects include PDF patterns for you to use over and over, plus plenty of step-by-step guidance and interaction as we go along.  So. Awesome.

The Sewing with Knits e-course is laid out in the same manner as my book, Stitch by Stitch: each lesson or project leads to the next, and each skill is incorporated into a project so that as you learn the skills, you’re also producing a finished piece you can be proud of and that will motivate you to continue on!  These are great projects, like comfy lounge pants, a yoga skirt, and an everyday tee that you’ll want to wear non-stop (complete with sleeve variations to make it unique each time you sew it up).

I’m so excited to see this class take place.  It’s totally TIME for a course in sewing with knits–we all love the soft feel of knit fabrics, and the forgiving fit, but there are so few places to learn to work with them.  As fabric manufacturers release more and more fabulous knit prints, I’m really on fire to get the word out that sewing with knits is fun, easy, and totally within your reach!  While we’ll discuss using a serger, the vast majority of the content of this class focuses on sewing with just your sewing machine. I have a serger and I love it, but for many of us, jumping into a new fabric is tough enough without adding a whole other machine on top of it!  Rest assured, learning the serger is worth it, but let’s start at the beginning, like Julie Andrews said–this e-course is the best way to get into knits and see where they can take you!

The Sewing Knits e-course begins January 28 and runs through March 1, 2013.  You’ll have full access to the class site and all the content through April 2013, giving you FOUR MONTHS to work through the lessons and join in with the other students in lively discussions and sharing your finished projects!  I find that having a time-frame like that encourages you to really join in the class, as you would one taught live, and get the most out of the experience of learning a new skill.  You can totally work at your own pace, but I do really encourage you to join in with us in real-time, and visit the class website and Flickr group throughout the weeks of the class, so you can ask questions and interact and get the most out of it possible!  This is going to be a really special group of YOUR people–stitchers who have ideas and creativity and who want to expand their reach and try new, exciting things.  I can’t wait to have you be part of it!

All the content is through a password-protected private class site, and because all the content is archived, there’s no need to arrive “in” class at any set time–you’ll see a new lesson posted each day, Monday through Friday, at noon Eastern time, and can join in whenever you choose after the lesson goes live.  Registration fee of $109 includes over 25 lessons taught via PDF downloads, audio, lots of video, and open comments so that every member gets the chance to really give feedback, ask questions, and participate.  We’ll also use a Flickr group to post images of projects as we go along, and you’ll have the opportunity to communicate directly with me via images and email during the class, along with one live chat during our five weeks together.  My goal is to work through each of your questions about sewing with knits from beginning to end, and give you total confidence as you walk out the door to tackle a new fabric with gusto!  You can totally do this, and it’s gonna be awesome.

Because this class is taught online rather than in person, I’m able to offer it at a lower price than a similar course taught face-to-face.  For almost half of what you’d pay to take this class in person–but with more content–you can conquer your fear of knit fabrics and make some truly awesome projects!  I really think this is a great opportunity for folks who don’t live near a stitch lounge or a great fabric shop that offers in-person classes, and I want to create a space where we can all find the skills and community we crave!  Register below, and a list of supplies will be emailed to you before the class begins–I can hardly wait that long to see all the amazing things

Questions?  Visit the e-courses FAQs page or email me: [email protected]


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